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Exhaust Pros

Richfield MN, 55423

hard to get a hold of jeff the mechanic, he is the one who worked on my car but when I call to talk to him they tell me he is busy. I get that but really I need more work done and I can't talk to him... read more

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Professional Automotive Repair

Wichita, KS, 67212

We had our truck towed to them with the promise that they would fix the steering column lock today. That was before noon. My husband called after 4:30 pm. The person answering the call forgot about... read more

Euro-Asian Automotive

Eugene OR, 97403

At about 140,000 I paid Euroasian here in Eugene, OR full price for a headgasket repair. Now at 180,000 miles the headgasket is leaking and needs repair. My new mechanic reports I badly need... read more

Swedish Pit

South Burlington VT, 05403

Winter was coming on and while figuring I was in the market for a Subaru saw this 2001 Volvo V70 XC on Craigs list, buzzed down to Bennington and bought it with 175k miles and drove it back to... read more

Mike's Auto Service

Rockford IL, 61107

I'm sure this post will be deleted by the owner, but I cannot believe that this business has a 4.5 star review. After calling and speaking with Mike himself after just requesting an update on my van... read more

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