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8th Avenue Conoco

Denver CO, 80220

Dave is the owner/primary mechanic. He seems very honest and has told me a couple times that I didn't need work other mechanics said I should do.

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M & M Automotive Service

Pelham NY, 10803

My cars have been cared for by M & M for many years and I recommend them without any reservations! They are fair, competent, and trustworthy.

Jamro Automotive Service

Rochester NY, 14611

Unfortunately, I had to suffer a terrible experience with Jamro. Kevin, the owner, had his mechanic install an exhaust system... read more

Bolder Auto

Boulder CO, 80301

Bolder Auto gets one star for their overall rating because I can't go lower. I took my truck to Bolder Auto to have an alignment done - they could not do the alignment due the steering rack being... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

Mike is great! He is always right on his diagnostics, and never tries to oversell you. Rachael, receptionist is very knowledgeable and polite. I stopped taking my '13 Jaguar XJ to the dealer for... read more

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