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Conti Service

Cranston RI, 02905

John and his kids have worked on all 3 of our Toyotas, from 2001-2014, and only once did we have to come back for a problem. John or the boys will explain what the problem was, the least expensive... read more

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Traffic Circle Tire Center

Dayton OH, 45414


Brito Automotive

Osprey FL, 34229

While my response to the questions about this shop would have been "Agree Strongly" unfortunately this shop closed about a year ago.

Omega Motorsports Inc

Jacksonville FL, 32246

One of your employees (older white male with gray hair) driving an early model black BMW 5 series was driving very dangerously this morning 7/15/2019 approximately 7:00 AM. He tailgated me all the... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

I was in the European car business for 26 yrs so I was concerned when my daughter needed major repair on her 2014 MINI PACEMAN. She's in Voorhees NJ and I'm in Texas. This was her first time to make... read more

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