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Texas Transmission and Automotive Center

San Antonio TX, 78240

For more than 20 years, Texas Transmission and Auto Center has been serving San Antonio. Wayne... read more

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Drew's Garage

Fargo ND, 58102

Excellent in all respects: fast, fairly priced, very competent and responsive.

Ribaudo's Auto Repair

St. Louis MO, 63111

The shop is still there in 2019! He mentioned a thought of retirement on Facebook, but when I asked, he explained that he'll still be around, just shorter/fewer hours. We've been going there since... read more

Prime Auto Sales Inc

Omaha NE, 68127

This is the best mechanic shop in Omaha! They are reliable, reasonably priced and friendly. I recommend this shop to everyone!

Larsen Motors

Roseville MN, 55113

We have been taking our cars to this 3 generation general car repair garage for over 25 years. They have always been honest, knowledgeable and professional. The only complaint I have is that they... read more

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