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Lutz Motorworks

Chelsea VT, 05038

I've known Antoine for almost 30 years. He is a Volvo trained tech that built a shop on his remote property when Volvo discontinued the 240 line. He is meticulous, painfully honest and will NOT work... read more

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Saab Mecca

Montpelier VT, 5602

This shop has been closed for several years.

Conti Service

Cranston RI, 02905

John and his kids have worked on all 3 of our Toyotas, from 2001-2014, and only once did we have to come back for a problem. John or the boys will explain what the problem was, the least expensive... read more

Traffic Circle Tire Center

Dayton OH, 45414


Brito Automotive

Osprey FL, 34229

While my response to the questions about this shop would have been "Agree Strongly" unfortunately this shop closed about a year ago.

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