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3505 University Ave, Madison, WI 53705, us

(608) 238-1770


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Specializes in Brakes and Mufflers
Specializes in Engine Rebuild work
Specializes in Radiator work
They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Sep 11, 2005
As a single woman teacher with not alot of $ or car expertise, Genin's has treated me respectfully and honestly for the ten years I have been driving my 1995 Plymouth Neon. I've had a few big problems such as air conditioning and oil seal leaks, and Rick Genin has even helped me figure out how to take my car back to my dealer in order to help get the repair done by them as he is aware of all recall or persistent issues with different vehicle makes. He stays on top of all my maintenence on computer. I've sent tons of people to him they have all been happy as well
Oct 23, 2005
I give Genin's the 4 wrench award. Recently, they repaired the cruise control mechanism on my 9-year old 1997 Audi A4 Quattro. Due to computer problems, they were unable to completely diagnose the problem on their first try, but did so on another day. Then, there was a second delay to wait for parts. Once they had the parts, they made the repairs in a timely manner. At each delay, Genin's service consultant, Randy Schmidt, gave me, without prompting, a choice of a loaner car or of their puttng my car back together. Naturally, the cost of the parts was high. Nonetheless, they made the repairs at what I would guess to be some $500 less than Madison's Audi dealership would have charged. Also, they go further than the NAPA 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty by providing 12 months with unlimited miles. About two years ago, I bought new tires ftrom Genin's because the treads on my old tires were severely cracked. Last spring I got a nail in one of the tires. I mentioned to Randy Schmidt that he had sold me the tires. He asked if I had purchased a road hazard policy. I couldn't recall, so he looked me up in Genin's computer files. I had a policy, and he smiled when he told me the repair was free. It is such a pleasure to find highly pleasant, honest, and competent auto repair mehhanics anywhere, and even better when their shop is in your neighborhood. In the end, all I can say is that I strongly and without reservation recommend Genin's Auto Care. rinky
Nov 07, 2011
Nov 07, 2011
Nov 07, 2011
Nov 19, 2013
  • rstoeck
I called up to get an estimate on how much it would cost for parts and labor to replace a battery on a 2001 Ford Focus. They said $126. The next day they called and said it would be $211. When I asked for an explanation for the discrepancy they said it was because of the battery they had to get. They they dropped the price to $175. I've checked around, and there are far cheaper batteries available. Since the battery was dead, they essentially had my car hostage unless I wanted to get it towed elsewhere and they they would have still charged me a diagnostic fee. So I paid the charge and am disputing it with my credit card company. Needless to say, I will never be back and will tell my story far and wide.
Aug 25, 2015
I would definitely not go here unless you really have to and you don't mind an inaccurate quote. I called ahead and was quoted $250-$320 for labor, but after I took my car to their garage the labor magically jumped up to $440. The person I called gave me the quote according to the book and I also had a few other shops give me a similar quote, I chose this shop because it was close to where I lived. I buckled down and went with their price because my car couldn't physically make it to any other shop at this point and I wasn't going to risk having to call a tow truck. Honestly they knew what the issue with my car was and that I wouldn't be able to refuse the service after my car made it to their shop so I was really offended by this. My next problem was the call I received about 90 minutes later. They called to inform me that the treads on my axle shaft were cross threaded and that they needed to replace it. I have personally taken the nut off of the axle in question and put it back on with no problem at all. They informed me that their impact gun couldn't turn the nut so my guess is that they didn't start the threads by hand like a normal person would. They told me the axle would cost $100 to replace and told me that they would keep my car on jack stand if I didn't pay, basically threatening to keep my car because of a problem they caused. My last problem was how they treated me when I voiced my concerns. The receptionist brought the mechanic out to talk to me and he got defensive immediately for no reason. I have done work to the car and admitted it to him and he replied by accusing me of hammering on the drive shaft. I told him if I did I would have used a rubber mallet and he laughed at me. I have completely disassembled and reassembled a car in a garage with my father and have performed all maintenance on my car according to the Haynes manual I bought after I bought my car. I know better than to hammer on the threads on a bolt because the nut will not physically thread back on. He told me I must have hammered the threads because they couldn't get the nut on with the impact gun they used. I asked if the started the nut by hand and he didn't reply. TLDR: The mechanics know how to do their jobs but not as well as you'd hope them to. I wouldn't take your car here unless you want the staff to rip you off in some way.

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