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Aug 23, 2012
  • dream_jayme
A few days ago I had an appointment at 10am at the Pep Boys here in Nashville that I made online at their website (where I registered all my information and the services I'd requested). I knew I would be paying for *brake service (I have front disc and rear drum brakes), *oil change, *tire rotation and *coolant flush/change so I wasn't thinking it'd be super-cheap or super-fast (I felt my expectations were realistic). I arrived at 9:40am and advised the guy of my appointment but he seemed to pretty much ignore that and stated,"Oh, we'll get you in around noon." So I repeated (as a question) that I'd made an appointment online for this specific location or did that not apply? The gentleman helping me softened up and said "We'll work you in" as if I was "not right in the head". Okay. I gave him all my personal information (which was why I'd used the website in the first place) and handed over my keys. Though I had to repeat my requested services* about 3 times no other specifics were asked of me at this point except the oil weight I desired. I was not provided with a written or spoken estimate at this time. I walked over to the Waffle House and had breakfast, returning about 1-1/2 hours later. It was around quarter after 11am and my truck was on the lift by then for what I must assume was the oil change. Obviously they replaced my oil drain plug and air filter somewhere in here but I was not aware of this at the time. From there, about every hour or so, they'd page me about a new development in the process. $29.99 for High Mileage 10w40 $3.59 for Purolator Filter $20.00 for Labor *$3.99 for Oil Drain Plug *$15.00 for Air Filter First, after the brake inspection, it was found that my front right brake caliper (@ $13.99 + $51 for labor*) would need to be replaced (notice the singular). I was told that the mechanic had "bent a pry bar" trying to get it to release and it was almost entirely "seized up". Okay, obviously needed to be fixed. Intellectually I realized later that *BOTH* (driver and passenger sides) would need to be replaced but it was not mentioned at this time. Also, nothing was mentioned about my rear drum brakes so I had assumed (wrongly, I see now) that they were inspected also and were fine. $27.98 for 2 Brake Calipers $102 in Labor $138.00 for R&R Brake Pad/Shoes $36.99 for a set of ProStop Front Platinum Pads At some point the brake rotors were also replaced but I was not informed of this. They replaced the pads/shoes just as I'd assumed they would when getting brakes "serviced". Along this time is probably when the "Parking Brake Adjustment" occurred too but I had no idea this was necessary either. *$51.98 for 2 Brake Rotors ($25.99 each) *$30.60 for Parking Brake Adjustment (Labor) Later in the day (around 1pm) I was informed that the radiator flush would take significantly longer than they'd expected due to the fluid being so contaminated (it was ridiculously dirty, that's why I requested a flush of the coolant system). After 3 of their "machine" flushes they finally told me they were just going to move it down to another bay and stick the water hose in it and run water through until it was somewhat clearer. They advised me to replace the thermostat as well but I had just had it replaced in May when the entire radiator and all hoses were also replaced so I didn't really feel this was necessary (especially due to this $6.99 part which cost $91.80 in labor). $57.02 for Coolant Exchange $12.99 for Full Strength Antifreeze $6.99 for Radiator Flush At around 4:20pm they finally called me on my cell phone while I was sitting outside to tell me she was ready to go. I came inside and presented my "Pep Boys Rewards" card that I'd acquired from the retail side of the store so I could get "points" and negate the cost of the tire rotation. $9.99 for Tire Rotation -$9.99 for Pep Boys Reward Card Upon looking over my receipt after paying I noticed a "Flat Tire Repair Car" charge that was immediately negated on the line below. I inquired about this and was told that it was to compensate the employee for his time flushing my radiator and was at no charge to me. Okee-dokee, just kinda weird but fair enough. $19.99 for Flat Tire Charge -$19.99 for some fella's time ________________________________ $601.00 Total Damage I had specifically requested and was billed for Tire Rotation. I have not done this in quite awhile and I need some more life from these tires. So, got home to the apartment and noticed they most definitely had NOT rotated my tires (orange stains on my front passenger side tire/rim-STILL THERE). Called them up, brought the truck back and they rotated them for sure this time... Seems the fellow had "forgotten" while concentrating on the brakes. Er...don't tires go back on after brakes are done? It's hard for me to say with certainty that I was taken advantage of but I wasn't exactly told of the individual items they replaced. Was my oil drain plug bad? I have had no problems the past several times I've changed my own oil. Was my air filter really dirty? I replaced it in September 2011 and removed it to vacuum it out in May. I don't know if my rotors were damaged as nothing was mentioned to me. I also use my parking brake from time to time but I would have liked to know about the "adjustment" before it was done. I never heard anything on the condition of my rear drum brakes; don't know if this means they are okay or they were just ignored (they had all four tires off of my truck). An estimate from the beginning with updates as items needing repair were discovered would have been great; especially since I was physically present in the store almost the entire time. I received a verbal guesstimate at one point of around $750 but I immediately started asking questions about the different repairs they were performing and it became a bit less somehow. Had I access to a garage closer than the 3 hrs away that my mother-in-law lives I would do my oil changes and radiator flushes myself. I know how time consuming they can be and its an easy and relatively inexpensive job for me. I'm not a stupid girl but I didn't want to jack up my brakes in a place where I have to drive 30 minutes to get to a parts store for some vital component or tool which is why I came to this location for these services. Not thrilled with the reception when I arrived and the disregard of the e-service scheduled appointment. I really felt I got the "dumb woman" treatment and it did not inspire any confidence to get home and find that my tires had not ACTUALLY been rotated. The retail folks on the other side were very pleasant and helpful but the ladies' restroom was abysmal...totally disgusting. Paper towel dispenser was jammed, no toilet paper, very leaky plumbing under the sink and wet floor with stuff growing on it as well as a "peculiar" odor. (I sincerely shudder to think of the condition of the mens' room.)

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