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305 E High St, Fayette, KY 40507, us

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They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Nov 06, 2011
May 09, 1997
Steve has been my mechanic for about 15 years. He is great! He takes care of his loyal customers. He told me when I needed to sell my '71 Datsun (before it burnt up), and found me my present car, an '82 Toyota, about 8 years ago, for a reasonable price. I wouldn't say that he treats all his customers equally, but he is not condescending to women. He will explain anything, as long as he is not terribly pressed for time. His shop motto is 'the Home of Customer Abuse," and has given out T shirts to that effect. I trust him completely.
Jan 08, 2006
Steve is great! I've been using him for around 20 years. I remember one time I was contemplating replacing some rubber exterior base board trim on an old Corolla station wagon. I didn't want to put much into the old car so he said "Let's try this..." He proceeded to remove what was left of the trim and he sprayed the area where the trim was with a black protective undercoating. It looked great, and he didn't charge me! He always treats my cars like they are his own.
Jul 06, 1999
Steve is a fast talking New Yorker, which intimidated me at first. Once I got to know him, I discovered how truly great he is. He tells me when to get things fixed and when not to. He also sent me to the Honda dealership for my exhaust, since they give a lifetime warranty. He is trustworthy, quick, honest, and reasonbly priced. God bless him!
May 09, 2001
On Saturday my car decided to die right on ManOWar. I called the shop on a Sunday hoping to get an answering machine stating the shops hours. Steve was there working on his own car, answered the phone, told me to come in then (the shop was closed), he did enough repair to keep the car running until he could spend time making major repairs later in the week. He didnt treat me like "just a girl" but explained everything he was finding wrong, and how he would fix it, how much it would cost and why. ANd everything worked out just like he said. He's great and I've been recommending him to everyone!
Apr 04, 2002
Steve is the mechanic who works my wife's 91 Accord. The car has been very reliable. Steve's shop is close to my wifes office, so it is convenient for her. Our couple times having the car in the shop have been like all visits to a mechanic would be in a perfect world. Steve knows Hondas inside out, he's the Webster's definition of the words honest and competent. You can't possibly do better with a Honda than to have Steve work on it on those few occasions it is required. What his shop lacks in atmosphere it more than compensates for in reasonable fair prices and in getting the problem fixed promptly the first time. Thanks Steve, we will be keeping the '91 Honda well after we dump our '98 Olds van.
Nov 24, 2004
I had an old '77 Subaru Wagon that was in serious need of a Clutch. When I called him on the phone what I wanted to do he basically told me that he needs to look over the car to make sure it was going to beable to handle removing the motor to get to the clutch (the car was very rusted and most old subaru's of that time and age aroudn 1991 were really just rust buckets.) He looked it over and said it would be fine and turned it around within a day and the next day I drove it to Nanthala North Carolina to go Kayaking with friends. I used it many of times to go kayaking afterwords (shuttle car believe it or not...) and also use it as a college car. He also looked at the radiator at one time when the engine was starting to need a head gasget and did some temporay fixes to get me over the issues until a later date. He's certainly the most knowledgeable person around about hondas. Back in 1991 we had a serrious flood in Lexington. He had around 60 honda's and toyota's, nissans and subaru's lined up out side of his shop getting estimates for insurance companies. Most of those cars had water damage and he was doing estimates for insurnace companies since more people trusted him than the local dealers!
Jan 15, 2005
As a newcomer to Lexington two years ago, I looked here first to find a good car mechanic. Judging by the positive comments I found about Perfect Auto, I thought I'd try my luck on them. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. As a single woman who knows next to nothing about cars, I was relieved to find that both Steve D. (owner) and Steve H. (my usual mechanic) were always helpful, respectful and never talked down to me - and most of all: were unfailingly honest with me. I have a '93 Dodge Dynasty which has needed regular work and they easily could have taken advantage of my ignorance to make a little money - if they were those kind of people - but they never did. Instead, Steve H. always told me what was required to keep me running and what wasn't worth doing due to the age of my car. Plus, I must say, coming to their shop is always fun - with all of the pet cats running around, the retro car memorabilia and the laid- back, family-style atmosphere. Their slogan, "The Home of Customer Abuse!", gives you an idea of their sense of humor... They always gave me some good natured razzing about my "ugly" car, but always took great care of it. They treat you like family and your car as if it was their own.
Apr 28, 2005
This shop and the owners are awesome. I own a 1989 Toyota pickup with 117000 miles on it and over the years it has been my baby. I want to restore the truck and make sure it is mechanically sound. Steve Hansel made sure that my truck was in tip top condition and didn't break my bank. Many Thanks to these great guys!! J.A Georgetown
Jun 09, 2005
I worked next to Steve DiMartino's shop way back in 1981. I had an old VW hippie van that I used as a work truck. It needed a fair amount of attention. VWs may not be Steve's forte, but he worked some mystic Jedi mind tricks on it. I'd trust Steve with ANY vehicle. Having done some shade tree mechanic work, I was amazed at how quickly Steve could do the job right, compared to my amateurish attempts. I thought I had a pretty good mechanical inclination until I saw Steve. He has an intuitive understanding of mechanics, like Mozart was with music. Come to think of it, Steve's brother is a virtuoso trumpet player and Steve was pretty good on the drums. Hmmm.... I won't go into the kindness that Steve offered to me when I was a starving college student because it was not consistent with a profit motive and I wouldn't want anyone else to expect that sort of charity, but suffice it to say that Steve is a helluva nice guy, impecably honest, and he does a great job of explaining the problem and the repair in a way that a layperson can understand. People around here tend to be suspicious of fast talkin' Yankees and anyone with "that New York attitude". Don't let Steve's way of talking put you off. He's a genius with a wrench, he really knows his stuff, and he'll treat you right.

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