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2119 53rd St, South Moline, IL 61265, us

(309) 762-2886


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Specializes in Transmission work
Specializes in Air Conditioning work
Specializes in Brakes and Mufflers
They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Oct 22, 1998
Mark is always honest and willing to sit down and explain how things will be done and why they will be repaired.He is one the only "honest" mechanics I have been around. He really stands out as the best around!
Oct 26, 2001
They are wonderful people. their work is Excellent.I have always been pleased with their repair work. Also here is their Address that you don't have on File. 2119-53rd. Street Moline, IL. 61265 Phone No.309-762-2886
Jan 18, 2002
i am a 53 y/o female living on a disability pension & driving a 10 yr. old geo metro- it began backfiring and would barely make it up hills- i talked to every car savvy person i knew,; most said it could be anything but most likely a timing chain/belt- i went to the closest car repair shop- they never opened the hood- just listened to it backfire & said"well, we should start with a tune-up..."- -knowing how it goes from there, i decided to go with my best guess & scheduled a timing belt replacement at ace muffler & automotive- $160.00- when i went to pick it up THEY said " yea, it's still running rough, isn't it?" actually it sounded exactly like it did when i took it to them- i went home, looked at my empty billfold and cried a few tears, knowing that wherever i took it, i was most likely going down the road of replacing everything until by chance the real problem was solved- then i hit the internet for cartalk- i found the reponses to m c auto heartening & with my last few dollars, went to them they were straightforward about the $55.00 fee for diagnostics-they were very polite and in a short time diagnosed my problem as 2 absolutely non-functioning spark plugs- for $22.00 they replaced them, set the timing, and gave me back a little purring geo- i could have hugged every one of those employees, and i would recommend them to anyone who is seeking honest, competent car care.
Feb 21, 2002
Mark is a good Christian man who uses up a fair chunk of his vacation time each year to do some kind of a "Christian Youth Camp" somewhere, with a lot of kids who would probably drive anyone else nuts. If you don't need it, Mark will tell you. If you DO need it, Mark will tell you. He runs a CLEAN shop, keeps his technicians "trained" on the latest stuff, and he is ALWAYS busy -- that is, you can't just show up and get your car in, unless it's a rare occasion. Usually, you have to schedule time a good week or so in advance. I have four reasons why I have not moved anywhere else in the United States. As I've always said, "When you have four good things, you don't move. When you find a good doctor, a good mechanic, a good barber, and a good gunsmith... you don't move!" Mark is my "good mechanic." I'm not moving, no matter what kind of "great" job offers I might receive. My Cutlass has over 232,000 miles on it and I expect it to reach 400,000 miles easily. Using Mark for the work it needs occasionally is a LOT cheaper than buying a new car -- like my Cutlass was when I bought it, brand new, 15 Jun 1989.
Mar 10, 2015
  • FshrKing
Speechless It's very difficult to find a automotive business that is honest and cares about the customer. This is very, very, rare and unheard of!!! Well, I just happen to take the car into this particular automotive business to take a look at the brakes. The first associate you will see when you walk inside the establishment will be Christine. Christine will question you, as if you're seeing your own physician. This is a good thing, trying to diagnosis the problem of your vehicle. After this process, one of several mechanics will take a look at your vehicle. Mitch was the mechanic that took a look at my vehicle. I just thought it would be a quick fix by replacing the brakes. Well just like the doctors office I'm waiting for the results and I have more problems than I'm aware of when I hear the result for the vehicle. Things to take in consideration: (This is a 15yr old ford with only 150,000 miles on it. Mitch diagnosis: (brake lines are rusted out and in order to make the car safe to drive it may be an expensive fix) I told Mitch and Christine that I just had this type of work done on the vehicle like a year ago, according to my auto records. They also told me about some other problems that the vehicle have, which I knew of and some I did not. Mitch also told me that the undercarraige was rusting out. Mitch told me he could fix the problems of the vehicle, however it would cost way more than the vehicle is worth currently and the vehicle itself is not safe to drive even if fixed. (he refused to fix) I was not charged for anything, and many automotive places wold have done a quick fix. I'm very impressed with the honesty and service I received from Mitch and Christine here in Moline. (a business with morals that care about the customer) Thank You

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