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Blackwell Automotive

Phoenix AZ, 85032

I had my !973 vette towed to Blackwell because of their claim to be experts on classic cars. They told me they were backed up and wouldn't look at it till June 7th, 3 weeks away. June 7th comes... read more

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Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

Took my porsche Panamera to have a maintenance service and overall inspection. A few minor things were identified but the kicker was, he told me that my brake pads had more life left than the onboard... read more

University Auto Repair

Flagstaff AZ, 86001

I would give them minus stars if that was available. I broke down outside of Flagstaff and was told to take my Ram Diesel Truck there from AAA. What a disaster!!!! First of all the manager Damon is... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

These mechanics know what they are doing and they do it well. Came in on Friday for my porsche 911 unknowing it had a broken ball joint. Chris diagnosed it and found a way to get that rare part... read more

Ford Shoppe, Inc.

Maitland FL, 32751

I brought in my 1998 Expedition. The truck was really in bad shape. Barely running is an understatement. It was so bad that I didn't think it would make it there. It did make, but just barely... read more

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