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Revolution Automotive Services, Inc.

Norwood MA, 02062

Consumer beware.

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European Motors

Omaha NE, 68134

EXTREMELY RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, and CONDESCENDING. Most of the good reviews must be fake.

Midas Livonia

Livonia MI, 48150

They did and excellence job. They explained everything that needed to be done as well as taking photos of the problem. I would recommend this brake shop to all my family and friends. The people... read more

Midas Taylor

Taylor MI, 48180

Knowledgeable, friendly and amazingly accommodating! They did not have the rear tires I needed on my first visit (I needed to replace all 4), but ordered them, texted me AND called to let me know... read more

Midas Canton

Canton MI, 48187

I went to get a wheel alignment done and a full suspension check. I spoke on the phone with Jeff and he was very helpful and understanding in what I needed done. They were very professional and got... read more

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