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Driven Collision

Kennesaw GA, 30152

I found this shop online to have my left door, and left fender re painted. I thought since I seen they fixed luxury cars they were a good fit for me. I was WRONG, and I had several issues with my... read more

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Kevin's Auto Service

Taunton MA, 02780

I know that when Kevin diagnoses the problem with my car, I can trust that he is being honest and fair with me. Other members of my family go here as well, I don't find that he treats me any... read more

Desi Auto Care

Stratford NJ, 08084

Had a great experience taking my Jaguar to Desi Auto Care for an oil change and then also to check into a Check Engine sign pop up. Jaguar "stuff" is over my head. I grew up with a brother who was a... read more

Small Car Performance

Tacoma WA, 98409

Smallcar is a VERY profitable business. They know that you know nothing about your Vanagon or the parts involved and they completely intend on exploiting this. They will call you cheap and use... read more

Medley's Auto Care

Louisville KY, 40207

Slimy Eddie's Auto Swindle. I will never come back to this shop. I will defer everyone I meet from this shop. No one deserves to be treated like I just have. On the first visit, the arrogant counter... read more

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