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Marlon’s Auto Service

Sacramento CA, 95818

Love Marlon! Been going to him for years now. I would highly recommend him. He’s honest, informative and has great rates.

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Early's Automotive Service

Mesa AZ, 85206

Honest, knowledgeable, one key mechanic Bruce who oversees or does all work; Estella in the office is friendly and knowledgeable We were on vacation and saw the recommendation on, tried... read more

Opie's Service Department

Mckinleyville CA, 95519

I was surprised to find a total of only one review (5-Star) for Central Avenue Service Center. I have personally known the owner for over 25 years and consider him a friend--but do not think he... read more

Joe Scanlon's Harvey Road Automotive

Wilmington DE, 19808

Joe and his team are hand's down- the BEST. The

FJ & Sons

Keyport NJ, 07735

My husband brought my car here to replace my headlight/fog light and fenders. I was supposed to bring it in but was not feeling well and I would have never left the shop seeing my vehicle the way it... read more

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