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Specializes in Air Conditioning work
Specializes in Brakes and Mufflers
Specializes in Radiator work
Reminds you when routine maintenance is needed
They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Nov 06, 2011
Nov 06, 2011
Apr 28, 1998
These guys are awesome! They used to work for a Honda dealer, and then went out on their own. They have serviced my '93 Honda Civic hatchback since the day I got it. When I call for an appointment, they know me immediately. Then I drop the car off for the day and take the Framingham commuter rail (1 block from the shop) to work. Having public transportation there is great! What I really like is that there is never any extra work/bills snuck in. If they find something, they call me at work to get an OK to do additional work. That and they even suggest that I just leave some the point is they will never try to weasel more money out of you. I also love the fact that they have a computer system that keeps track of my record - so they can see what they did before on the vehicle etc. This whole shop is fantastic!
Oct 13, 1999
This is based on experiences a couple of years ago and before, as they are too far away. Periodically, I call them up and ask when they will move to my town. Repairs were not cheap, but when they fixed something, it was fixed. They did a nice rebuild on my engine and various other repairs, enabling my Honda, which had been slightly abused in a previous life, (i.e. I got it used) to make it to 190,000 with rust as the only real reason to give up on it. These guys have specialized in Japanese cars and used to work at a Honda dealer (at least Doug and his less talky partner whose name I forget.) They have some new guys too, now, who I don't know about.
Aug 01, 2002
Kevin has always helped me get the right repairs done. I work about 4 miles away and they always give me a ride i used to get my car serviced at Herb Connolly, and I can not for the life of me figure out why they keep getting Acura Service awards--they never fixed things right and they always overcharged. I have been thrilled with Master Mechanics.
Jan 23, 2004
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I've been using them for more than 5 years, and they are fabulous. I'm starting to think about my next car, and will only look at Japanese cars, since that's all they service.
Mar 01, 2006
What a great experience! I brought in my 1997 Honda Civic DX for three problems: a "Check Engine" light, a noisy exhaust, and some mysterious problem with my steering. They determined the "Check Engine" light was a catalytic converter that would cost me around $600.00 (I verified this through Internet searches) but didn't pressure me to do the work then and there. They actually assured me the faulty converter would not do any damage to the engine and that I could wait to replace it until just before the car is due for inspection (since it would fail inspection with a faulty converter). They replaced my muffler and also did something truly extraordinary about my steering. They brought my car to another shop and had it hooked up to the alignment equipment (this is because they actually outsource their alignment work). They determined my car was out of alignment, which was very strange because I supposedly had an alignment done by the Goodyear Tire & Auto shop in Franklin, MA when my new tires were installed. This is "truly extraordinary" because I had just brought the car to another Honda specialist a few weeks earlier who told me I was crazy, that there was not anything wrong with the steering. Master Mechanics actually road tested the car, saw and felt what I told them about, checked all of the steering components, and then saw it was the alignment, and that I had likely been cheated by the tire "specialists". There were also a couple of other things that really impressed me. I work in Boston and was not going to be able to make it back by their 5:30 closing time. They waited for me until 6:45, and I know they were waiting just for me because they left the shop as soon as I did. And then I got in my car and saw something that made me trust these guys even more. It's such a simple thing, but it shows they care. I had a broken driver's side window crank. They swapped it with the passenger side, knowing that it's more important for me to have a driver's side window crank than a passenger's side one. It might seem silly to some of you, but it's one of those little details that makes me know these guys really care not just about my car but about me, too. And they're located about one block from the Natick T station in a nice, safe-looking neighborhood. First class all the way. The personal attention, honesty, and integrity are unparalleled. I didn't think I'd find a better Honda specialist than Gateway Motors in Western Massachusetts, but I definitely did. These guys are the best and I will be bringing my car back to them for regular and special maintenance and recommending them to all Japanese car owners, including my father, who just purchased a new Honda Accord. This is the last stop if you're looking for a trustworthy mechanic for your Japanese car.
Jul 20, 2006
Everytime that I go to these guys they save me money in some way, either by first trying to clean brake calipers to unstick them before replacing them or by calling around for a better deal on a used or rebuilt part. The amount that I actually pay is almost always cheaper than their original worst-case estimate. And very friendly. The last time I took it in, my inspect had expired. Kevin drove it around the corner to an inspection place for me so that by the time that I got back it was done. A friend who went to have her car fixed was told that the part that she needed to be fixed was still under warranty. They saved her $400+ when they could have gotten paid for the repair. They didn't even charge her for the diagnostic. Great guys!
Feb 08, 2007
A female friend recommended this shop to me, and she had gotten the recommendation from another female friend. I drive all the way in from Upton to have these guys work on my Toyota Camry. I trust them. They explain any issues with my car, and have phoned me when they've found something else that needs immediate attention, or when they've diagnosed something and call to explain the problems and ask my approval before proceeding with a repair. Soon after I first starting bringing my car to Master Mechanics, there was a vibrational noise caused by a small gap in how a part was resting or sitting in the padding of its holder. It was the result of normal wear and tear. These folks took the time to explain that there was no safety issue, (and yeah, they knew all the real car part terms, which I've obviously forgotten) and that to replace the part entirely would be quite pricey. Instead, they suggested a simple wrap of the part to make it fit more snugly in its padding, and therefore stop the vibration. This fixed the problem in a very effective and low cost way. Bravo! And then today, I was SO impressed. They did the Toyota recommended 120K major maintenance, and during the course of that work found a leak in my car's exhaust system. While Kevin did give me an estimate for them to make the repair, he explained that the type of work they do would involve replacing the entire section in which there was a leak. Then he suggested that I could go to a place that specializes in exhaust systems and probably have the leaky area spliced out, and a new area welded in. This too would be an acceptable repair of the problem, without having to replace the whole section, which borders on the Catalytic Converter. And, I could probably get the other repair done at about half the price that MM's shop would have to charge. WOW! These guys really know the Japanese brand cars. They are fluent in the particulars of the makes, models, and model- year commonalities. They can say oh yeah, well that problem is common to the the X-cylinder Camrys for the years Y-Z. If you ask about a certain make and model, for instance, the first and second year Prius, a few of which are now hitting the used car circuit, they can tell you what they've seen in the shop, the quirks of the first year model, and basically just converse about the cars with a familiarity that speaks volumes about their experience. I'll be getting a new car in the next few years (or a used, "new to me" car) and I wouldn't bring it anywhere else! -Jane
Oct 09, 2007
Amazing. Honest to a fault. Went in to have my ball joints replaced because a name brand chain told me that they are worn and should be done as soon as possible. They took one look and told me that I dont need it. I will be back

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