Cheap RV Insurance for 2022

Insuring an RV is an odd prospect because you’re not only insuring a vehicle, you’re insuring its contents and your portable home. And since there are many types of RVs and many levels of usage from owners, there are varying options for coverage.

It can take a bit of time to research the best deal, but we have you covered.

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Top RV Insurance Providers


This company is a long-time player in the insurance industry. As such, they have a lot of trust and a proven track record. Quotes are easy to obtain, and there is almost always someone on the other end of the line when you call. Progressive offers many different tiers of coverage, depending on what type of plan you're looking for. They also have a very easy online interface, for customers who are on the go and want everything all in one place. They also offer accident forgiveness and vanishing deductible options for good drivers.

Pros and Cons

  • Many types of coverage available
  • Coverage available for all classes of RVs
  • Extra incentives and discounts available
  • Many types of coverage available
  • Trusted name in the business for a very long time
  • Basic plans might not cover everything you may need, so speak to representative to ensure you get the additional coverage that meets your needs

Auto-Owners Insurance

This long-standing insurance company has been in business since 1916. The company has had years to perfect its business model and make a name for itself in the industry. Auto-Owners offers many types of insurance, and tailors its policies to the needs of the individual. They have great ratings and customer reviews.

Pros and Cons

  • Very high customer ratings
  • Rated Superior A++ by AM Best Company
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Discounts for paperless billing and mature drivers
  • Quotes only available through agents
  • Policies only available in 26 states


Everyone knows the Nationwide commercial jingle by heart, I'm sure. Their marketing team did a great job with "Nationwide is on your side." We have to agree, in this case. The company has an excellent track record for providing good coverage and many multi-policy offerings for their customers. The company offers discounts all over the place, to give as much value as possible to their policyholders.

Pros and Cons

  • Roadside assistance available
  • Good variety in policies available
  • Discounts available for good driver and safety courses
  • Bundling and multi-policy available
  • Online quotes not easy to obtain without giving personal details

The Hartford

This company has been in the insurance industry for more than 200 years. That is even longer than Car Talk has been on the air. Honestly, we are a little jealous. The Hartford started as a fire insurance company in the early 1800s. Throughout the last two centuries, they have widened their scope to include policies for very prominent people in history, like Abraham Lincoln's home and Babe Ruth's accident and indemnity policy. Now, this company is the exclusive provider of home and auto insurance for AARP members, including RV coverage.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent rates for members
  • Very good coverage options for members
  • Business established in 1810, with a long track record of accomplishments
  • Bundling options available
  • RV insurance only available if you have a daily driver policy as well

RV America

RV America is a company that offers coverage for all types of recreational vehicles. They specialize in these policies, so are able to give very competitive quotes. This is a smaller company, so you won't be able to bundle homeowners and life insurance here. But the coverage you will be offered for your RV will be specialised and very thorough.

  • Specializes in RV coverage
  • Offers coverage for all types of recreational vehicles
  • Many levels of coverage available
  • Covers all types of RVs
  • Not as well known as others listed
  • Website isn't as easy to use as others

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

Because RVs vary so widely in terms of size and luxury, we really felt like we needed to sample three different types of RV when we created this table. We sampled:

  • 2021 Gulfstream Conquest 24 (Class C)
  • 2021 Fleetwood Flair 29M (Class A) (surprisingly cheaper than the van at $89,999)
  • 2021 Winnebago Forza 34T (Insanely expensive at $207,000)
2021 Gulfstream2021 Fleetwood 29M2021 Winnebago 34T

NOTE: We were told we’d get a quote from GEICO via email in 24 hours. What we got was an email from Tiffany at GEICO telling us to call for more information. We provided the very same information to GEICO that we did to all the competitors, so we’re surprised that we couldn’t get an online quote without actually calling someone., but that hasn’t happened at the time of publication. Our GUESS is that they may be cheaper than the alternatives, but we can’t tell you that for sure because we couldn’t get an online quote.

Who Has The Cheapest RV Insurance?

  • Progressive
  • RV America
  • The Hartford/AARP

First of all, we’ve got to define what an insurance company considers a “recreational vehicle.” It’s basically any vehicle that you’re going to sleep in, whether you can drive it or tow it. Most RV insurers will cover either a vehicle like a motorhome as small as something based on a van, as large as a 45-foot pusher, or as small as a tent trailer to something as gigantic as a fifth-wheel.

We sampled information from a number of sources and developed a range of what RV insurance should cost. According to data from the University of Michigan, the average RV owner is 49 years old, so we’re using a 49 year old male for our quotes. We’re assuming a good driving record, and a good credit score. We’re sticking with motorhomes for our comparison, but it’s easy enough for you to run a quote on a travel trailer.

We chose three different RVs to quote that represent a van or truck based (Class B or C) and larger Class A motorhomes:

  • 2021 Gulfstream Conquest 24 (Class C)
  • 2021 Fleetwood Flair 29M (Class A)
  • 2021 Winnebago Forza 34T

For the purposes of this exercise -- since these things are between $65,000 and $210,000 -- we answered that we financed all of these. That forces a comprehensive insurance package that includes fire and theft, which most shoppers are going to select.

NOTE: All of the insurers asked if we planned on loaning or renting this RV to anyone else. In the era of AirBnB, be aware that this could add a lot to your insurance bill every year.

DISCLAIMER: There are numerous other factors that are going to impact the cost of insurance on your RV.

Who Has The Best Cheap RV Insurance?

  • Large Insurance Carrier: Progressive - Progressive’s prices look significantly higher than The Hartford, but remember, we’re not exactly comparing apples-to-apples here because that’s bundled with a car insurance policy.

  • Smaller Insurance Carrier: The Hartford - The Hartford LOOKS cheaper, but they won’t insure an RV unless you have a car insured with them, too. To get a quote, we threw a 2003 BMW 525i in there just to satisfy the requirement. We then subtracted the insurance cost of the BMW to determine what it would cost to ADD an RV to an existing policy. It doesn’t provide an accurate picture of the actual cost if you were able to just insure an RV as your only vehicle, though, so keep this in mind when comparing prices.

  • Best Overall: RV America - While the “online quote” only came via email, these folks provided a comprehensive breakdown of costs, were competitive with the big guys and specialize in insuring these vehicles.

How Easy Is It To Get A Quote From Major RV Insurers?

  • GEICO - We couldn’t get an online quote on an RV in Massachusetts, North Carolina from GEICO. In fact, we couldn’t get an online quote at all, which is surprising because GEICO will insure pretty much anything with wheels, and they’re open about the cost. When we quoted motorcycle insurance, we got a quote immediately.

  • Progressive - Progressive was quick and easy with the online quotes, along with follow-up via email. You input the data and you can run as many RVs as you like to see the cost. The pricing LOOKS a lot higher than one of the competitors, but there’s a reason for that and we’ll get into it in a minute.

  • The Hartford - The Hartford looks super-cheap here, but it’s because they’ll ONLY insure an RV if you have a daily driver registered with them as well, so you’re automatically getting a bundling discount which may be available to you through other insurers as well. Getting an online quote was easy, and you could back out to the vehicle information page and edit it to change the year, make and model of RV to compare what a larger or smaller RV would cost.

  • RV America - RV America isn’t really RV America. It’s administered by a company called Brown & Brown. You put all the information in online, but you don’t get an online quote. You get an email quote the next day. If you have time to wait for a quote, the rates are competitive, and the .pdf they send along includes all the information you’d want for an educated decision.

How Can You Get RV Insurance Discounts?

Like ordinary car insurance, there are a million discounts that you can apply to cut the cost of your RV insurance. We have an entire article devoted to getting insurance discounts, which you should definitely take a look at before you decide on insurance. When we got quotes, we didn’t select any of these, but they were all questions on the quote engine that would impact the overall insurance rate:

  • Finance vs. Own - As we mentioned, because of the cost of a current RV, we didn’t anticipate that a lot of people would pay cash, but if you did, you could eliminate comprehensive coverage. Not sure why you’d want to do that because you’re not only covering your transportation, but your “house,” too, but people have done crazier things to save money.

  • RV Association Membership - There are some really good RV associations that provide a lot of benefits for their members, including cheaper site rental, and significant insurance discounts. If you’re buying an RV, look into membership. You could easily save the membership dues in insurance cost every year.

  • Anti-theft device - If your RV has an anti-theft device, you can realize some savings on your theft coverage.

  • Safe Driver Course - If you’re over the age of 50, you can take an AARP safe driver course and save some money on your RV insurance, and possibly your car insurance.

  • Storage - If you store your RV inside, or at least at your home, you may be able to realize a slight insurance benefit.

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Do I need RV insurance?

Yes, yes and yes. Anything with an engine should be covered by an insurance policy, for your peace of mind, and also to cover any possible liabilities. Car Talk always recommends that a big purchase like an RV be covered by a good insurance policy.

Who has the cheapest RV insurance?

In our research, Hartford did really well against the bigger guys like Progressive.

How much does RV insurance cost?

That entirely depends on what your RV is. It can be cheap if it's just a two-person sleeper on a van chassis. And it can be wildly expensive if it’s a 48-foot motorcoach.

Is RV insurance cheaper than car insurance?

No. It can be much more expensive because you’re not only insuring your conveyance, but your home as well. Plus, RVs are way more expensive than the average car, and you’re insuring your rolling home as well as your transportation.

Who has the best RV insurance?

The Hartford has excellent coverage for less than the national insurers.

How can I get super cheap RV insurance?

Start with buying a super cheap RV. If you don’t mind living in something that looks like the dormitory for one of the Manson family at Spahn Ranch, you can buy an older Class B or Class C RV for pennies on the dollar, and they can be just as fun as something new and modern. If you’re buying something newer and don’t have to put comprehensive coverage on it, you can do that, but you might look into another means of insuring the contents of that RV if you’re going to have anything more expensive than a box of Saltines in it.

Can I buy seasonal RV insurance?

Don’t bother. You need to insure your RV when it’s not on the road, too, in case somebody breaks into it, or a tree falls on it in your yard. If you financed your RV you have to keep coverage on it whether you’re driving it or not.

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