Heacock Insurance Prices and Review

Heacock Classic Car Insurance was founded in 1989 and provides insurance in the continental United States. The company claims to have a finger on the pulse of the classic car market, and notes that it uses auctions and other data to help determine the actual value of a car.

Classic car insurance is helpful for certain vehicles, because their value and replacement costs may not align with an owner’s total investment. Specialized insurance allows the owner to cover their vehicle for an amount that accounts for the time, effort, and money that it takes to own an older vehicle.

Pros and Cons

  • Heacock has less restrictive mileage options
  • Vehicles can be used in racing and competition
  • Customers give positive claims reviews
  • Company is strict on driver and vehicle requirements
  • More expensive than some of its rivals

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How Heacock Classic Car Insurance Works

Heacock Classic Insurance was founded in 1989, and offers insurance in 48 states across the U.S. They do not offer coverage in Alaska or Hawaii. The company is relatively small, with only around 40,000 clients, and its policies are mainly underwritten by American Modern.

In order to apply for a policy, head to Heacock’s website and select the “get a quote” option in the top right section of the homepage. Enter your information, including the number of vehicles you want to cover and the state where you live. Click “start quote,” and enter your personal information. Once you submit your information, someone from the company should reach out within a reasonable time period.

Though small, Heacock offers a range of coverage options for classic autos, including liability, medical payments, under/uninsured motorist, collision, agreed value, and more. The company also offers several discount and cost-reduction options, though its catalog is slimmer in that area than its competitors.

Heacock’s insurance products extend to race cars and muscle cars, so there are options for extremely specialized vehicles. That said, the company’s policy requirements and limitations could make it a real pain to get coverage for some customers. In its eligibility requirements, Heacock states that the car cannot be used for errand running or random drives, and notes that it must only be used for pleasure drives. The car must show “pride of ownership,” and can only be driven by experienced drivers. You must also keep your car in a fully enclosed, locked, private garage when it’s not in use.

Heacock Classic Car Insurance Rates and Prices

Heacock Classic Car Insurance does not offer sample pricing and rates without giving up personal information and contacting an agent. Car Talk understands why that is. Each vehicle and person applying will get drastically different quotes, depending on the coverage they choose. That said, it does offer several benefits and excellent coverage options:

  • Most customers offered full-coverage policy option with $0 deductible for covered claims
  • Roadside assistance for all policyholders
  • Policyholders can personalize their mileage coverage
  • One liability charge covers all classic vehicles owned by policyholder

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Is Heacock Classic Insurance legit?

Yes, Heacock Classic is a small but legitimate insurance company with around 40,000 customers.

Is classic car insurance cheap?

Some classic car policies are cheaper than comparable standard insurance policies. This is because people tend to drive classic cars infrequently and store them more carefully than vehicles that are driven on a daily basis.

Is a 20-year-old car a classic?

There are many opinions on what constitutes a “classic,” but in general, a classic car is between 20 and 40 years old.

Can I drive my classic regularly while it’s insured as a classic?

Every insurance company is different. Heacock, for example, requires that your car be used sparingly, which means you’re not driving it on errands or to commuting to work.

What does 'agreed value' mean?

Agreed value is the dollar amount the insurance company agrees to pay for your vehicle in the event of a total loss accident. This is important for classic cars, because traditional valuations may not capture the replacement costs or the current market value of a classic car.

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