Dairyland Car Insurance Prices and Review

Dairyland Insurance was formed in 1953 in Wisconsin. From the very beginning, the company has specialized in providing insurance coverage for high-risk drivers that have trouble getting coverage from traditional insurance carriers. In 1966, Dairyland was acquired by Sentry, which was another non-standard insurer, and in 2005 Sentry acquired Viking Insurance.

Review of Dairyland Insurance

Dairyland Insurance is the insurer of last resort for people who’ve not been able to find coverage elsewhere. The company specializes in providing coverage for high-risk drivers, which could include those with DUIs, multiple at-fault accidents, or moving violations. That specialization unfortunately comes at a cost, as Dairyland’s rates are reflective of the risk that it feels its clients bring.

Beyond its ability to insure almost anyone, Dairyland has some glaring deficiencies in its customer service, discounts, and additional benefits. Wallethub found that Dairyland insurance racked up four times more complaints than other insurance companies of its size. Many of those complaints are related to the company’s sky-high prices, but many complaints were lodged over Dairyland’s poor customer service.

If you were hoping to bundle several policies together to save money with Dairyland, you may be out of luck. The company only offers motorcycle and auto insurance, which means that you can’t insure your RV, boat, or home with the company to save money. It does offer a somewhat smaller discount for insuring multiple vehicles.

Unlike many insurers, Dairyland’s customers can’t file claims online. In order to do so, they must call a 1-800 number and wait to get through. This was found to be a major driver of complaints, because even though the hotline is available 23 hours a day, many drivers would prefer the easy option of filing a claim online.

Unfortunately for Dairyland, most of the reviews for its service that are available online are negative. One customer stated “Don't use this company. They double charged me and made me email a bank statement to prove it, and they wanna wait a week before looking at it. I don't know if I'll get my $148 back! Plus, if you use their service for only a day, they'll deduct $50 from your refund. What a greedy business. Deceitful and slow to respond. Go anywhere but here, you won't regret choosing a different car insurance company.”

Another scorching review reads “My account page on the website said my policy expired on Aug 6, 6 days from now. Then I get an email saying my policy was just cancelled today. I call them then they tell me it had been cancelled a month ago! These idiots need to get their act together. Not renewing with these imbeciles.”

Making matters worse, you can only get Dairyland if you live in one of 21 states: Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers coverage for high-risk drivers
  • Offers insurance for both autos and motorcycles
  • Offers special coverage for custom parts and other circumstances
  • Can be expensive
  • Few options
  • Negative consumer reviews

Coverage Overview

Dairyland offers all coverage types that are usually required. This includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, and coverage for uninsured motorists. The company also offers a decent list of supplemental coverage options: Towing Rental vehicle reimbursement Special equipment coverage for upgrades or customizations made to the vehicle Non-owner insurance for people who need coverage while driving someone else’s car

The availability and extent of additional coverage options varies based on the location, so it’s important to check with your local offerings before committing to Dairyland.

Sample Coverage And Rates

Driver AgeViolationMOnthly Quote


Dairyland does offer several discount programs for its policyholders:

  • Multi-vehicle
  • Advanced quote
  • Transfer discount
  • Payment frequency discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Motorcycle group membership
  • Loyalty

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Who has the best high-risk insurance?

It may be surprising to find out that many major carriers offer high-risk insurance. Geico and Progressive both offer products for high-risk individuals, and both score very highly for customer service and product offerings. Beyond them, Kemper is a fairly solid choice, though the rates are higher and coverage offerings are not as extensive.

Can I qualify for Dairyland if I have bad credit?

Dairyland is known for being kind to folks with bad credit. Don’t expect to get the best rates around, but you should be able to qualify for a policy.

Can I insure a classic car with Dairyland?

Though it doesn’t specifically list coverages for classic cars, Dairyland does offer coverage for custom parts and special equipment, which could be helpful. That said, its customer service issues and costs make other options far more attractive.

Can I buy basic coverage from Dairyland?

You can purchase basic coverage, or minimum coverage from Dairyland, but you should research all of your options before doing so. You may be on the hook for more than you think, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting with each policy type.

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