ForeverCar Warranty Review

ForeverCar is among the most unique companies on Car Talk’s list of the best mechanical breakdown protection providers, A.K.A. extended warranty companies. Unlike most companies of this type, ForeverCar does have a plan that includes a short list of wear items. Also, ForeverCar wants to be more than just a place you turn to when your car needs a repair. The idea is that you rely on ForeverCar for more services.

ForeverCar’s sales pitch is that you call them when you break down or need something fixed. They want you to think that they will “take it from there.” They even suggest a shop where you should take the vehicle for the needed service. Like most of these types of warranty plans, emergency towing and rental car coverage can be part of your contract.

Pros and Cons

  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Google Review scores look better than average
  • Some plans do cover some wearable items
  • Towing and rental car coverage available
  • New to the warranty marketplace
  • Shorter than typical warranty duration

What is Covered in ForeverCar Plans?

ForeverCar offers four plans, and our analysis of what is offered impressed us. Particularly the top-tier Platinum Plus plan. Here’s how they break down in summary form:

  • Platinum Plus - Includes almost everything including a handful of “wearable” items. This contract is most similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty, but has some notable exclusions such as CV joints and suspension components.
  • Platinum - Think of it as Platinum Plus but without the added wearable items.
  • Gold - Perfect for those that don’t want the most expensive plan, but can afford more than basic.
  • Silver - Protects a specified list of major components in many areas such as: Engine, Transmission, Steering, Front Suspension, Brakes, Electrical and A/C.

ForeverCar is very unusual compared to its peers. Its first two contracts, Silver and Gold, are inclusive. Meaning they include the things listed. The remaining two levels, Platinum and Platinum Plus, are very comprehensive and exclusionary, meaning they point out stuff not included. The list of stuff not included appears to be very short. Most things are included.

Here is a look at some common repairs and which ForeverCar policy would cover them. We created this list by looking closely at the four different sample contracts that ForeverCar makes available. Here’s where you can find that sample contract list in case you’d like to have a look at all the things that are covered.

Needed RepairPlatinum PlusPlatinumGoldSilver

Platinum Plus is unusual in this industry because it also includes some wearable items that almost every plan of this type excludes. Here are some examples ForeverCar lists. You should check your contract to ensure that what you buy covers these common wear items.

  • Windshield wipers
  • Fuses
  • Light bulbs
  • Brake pads
  • Belts
  • Hoses

Which ForeverCar Plan is Right for Me?

Car Talk finds this section easy to write for any of the brands we review, but ForeverCar’s has a twist. Normally, we say beware that you may not get much help from the contract. You will likely pay more for it than it returns in payments to you. That sort of warning.

However, ForeverCar seems like it is for more than just folks who struggle to save for a major repair. It’s more like a true partnership. At least that's how it seems, and we have reviewed dozens of these types of companies in great detail. We could make an argument that the Silver and Gold plans cover most of what might cause you to have a budget-buster of a repair. The Platinum and Platinum Plus cover almost everything.

How Much Does a ForeverCar Warranty Cost?

Your ForeverCar warranty cost will depend primarily on this set of parameters:

  • Your Specific Model - Mainstream affordable will be less expensive. Premium is more expensive.
  • Model Year - Newer equals less expensive. Older equals more expensive.
  • Mileage - High mileage means more expensive. Lower mileage means less expensive.
  • Plan Selection - The better plans covering more repairs cost more.
  • Deductible - If you choose a high deductible ($250) your plan will cost less.
  • Plan duration - The length of time for which you purchase coverage.
  • Zip Code - Where you reside and drive may impact your pricing.

Car Talk obtained example prices for ForeverCar plans with a three-year duration of coverage. Here is an overview of the price examples for the various plans for certain types of vehicles. Your cost may vary.

Vehicle TypeForeverCar PlanMonthly Plan CostDeductible

In addition to helping you pay for your repairs, ForeverCar helps you when a breakdown happens in numerous other ways. They include:

  • Rental Reimbursement - Up to $35 per day (5 day maximum, 10 day maximum for parts delay). Available on the first day of a covered repair.
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance - Up to $100 per occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement - Up to $200 per day (5 day maximum) for lodging, food and transportation expenses when a covered breakdown occurs 100 miles or more from home, in most areas.

How to File a ForeverCar Claim?

You notify ForeverCar if you need a repair and then find a place where you’d like it fixed. ForeverCar works with your mechanic to arrange the repair. You are normally only required to pay the deductible after the repairs are completed. However, reviews that we have read indicate that an investigation consisting of troubleshooting inside of a broken system may be at your cost.

Is My Car Eligible for a ForeverCar Plan?

The vehicle qualifications ForeverCar lists are pretty straightforward:

  • Your vehicle must be 10 years old or newer
  • Your car needs to have less than 175,000 miles on it
  • Your vehicle has no known defects or outstanding recalls
  • Your vehicle is not used for commercial purposes (Sorry, Uber and Lyft drivers)
  • You’re not using your vehicle for construction, hauling, snow removal or other strenuous activities

ForeverCar’s mechanical repair coverage has a 1 month/1,000 mile waiting period before your policy takes effect.

Common Reasons ForeverCar Claims are Rejected?

One thing any shopper needs to be crystal clear on is that you have to have proof that your vehicle was properly maintained according to its owner’s manual from the day it was purchased. Yes, even from before you owned it if you are not the original owner. Here is what ForeverCar says about the responsibilities you have. They repeat themselves a bit in this, most likely because they have heard the same arguments many times when a person with no proof of maintenance has a breakdown:

“You must perform maintenance services to Your Vehicle, at the proper intervals, as required by the Owner’s Manual for Your Vehicle. If Your failure to follow these procedures causes a Breakdown, You may be denied coverage. If You do not have an Owner’s Manual, contact Your Vehicle’s manufacturer to obtain one. 2.You must keep receipts which verify the Vehicle Identification Number, work orders and other documentation that show a date, a description of Your Vehicle, mileage and services performed. We may require You to furnish the Administrator with proof that the specified services have been performed. Failure to show proof of servicing may result in the denial of coverage. 3.You are responsible for making sure the oil warning light/gauge and the temperature warning light/gauge are functioning before driving Your Vehicle. You are required to safely pull Your Vehicle off the road and shut down the engine immediately when either of these lights/gauges indicates a problem. 4.If You experience a Breakdown, You agree to: a.Use all reasonable means to protect Your Vehicle from further damage. b.Notify the Administrator as soon as possible. c.Authorize the Repair Facility to perform necessary diagnostic work and provide “teardown authorization” so that the Repair Facility can provide an accurate diagnosis and estimate of repairs. IMPORTANT: WE WILL NOT PAY FOR DIAGNOSIS CHARGES FOR REPAIRS NOT COVERED UNDER THIS SERVICE AGREEMENT. d.Furnish the Administrator with such information as the Administrator may reasonably require and if requested provide proof of Your Vehicle’s regular maintenance during the Service Agreement Term as noted above.”

The second reason some claims are rejected in general is that the owner of the policy did not buy coverage for the breakdown they have. In our research we see 1-star rants that start this way all the time: “My fitzervalve main bearing ruptured and this horrible company didn’t pay for the repair…” three pages of more complaints follow. However, if the policy didn’t cover the fitzervalve or outright excluded it in the contract, why should the company pay for it to be replaced?

Customer Reviews

Our search for reviews always includes Google. ForeverCar has a 3.4-star rating on Google. We looked over the most recent reviews and they tended to be 1 or 5. Here is a positive one we liked:

“I purchased this warranty a few months ago and I used it for the first time yesterday. I went to my local Firestone to get my truck fixed and the sales person was reluctant to work with this company because they assumed it was like Car Shield. I got a call from the sales person saying that she wished all insurance companies was like this one. I am so happy that I purchased this insurance. (This) Warranty did an excellent job assuring me that I am in good hands. Thank you. You have a customer for life.”

Here is one that has an interesting twist:

“...The adjuster refused to approve it and instead kept reiterating that I authorize (aka pay out of pocket) the repair shop to fully break down my transmission and look for another source of failure since I had a fluid leak and need to PROVE the transmission failed for another reason since fluid leaks aren’t covered…” This reviewer points to two important aspects in the ForeverCar standard contract. First, your car cannot have a known defect (fluid leak) that is not addressed. Second, the breakdown of the vehicle system (at your cost) is specifically part of the contract. You have to let the mechanic rule out a more cost effective fix if a major system like an engine or transmission has failed.

Although ForeverCar has an A+ BBB rating, the reviews average to only 1.5-stars. Most of the reviews we read are summed up by this part of one from an unhappy ForeverCar policyholder: “I would not recommend them to anyone. You get one run a round after another.”

Many reviews we found were claims were denied by ForeverCar calling the part a wear item. ForeverCar’s contract seems quite simple when one reads it. Perhaps in practice it is not so cut and dried?

f you Live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the discipline to save enough for surprise car repairs, a policy from ForeverCar may work for you. A policy from ForeverCar is one way to handle high repair costs and also have peace of mind.

Don’t buy what you won’t use in the short term. Instead, waiting until you need the coverage is our best advice. If your vehicle is still covered by its new car warranty or powertrain warranty, step back and think before you buy. If you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle it may also have a warranty.

If you are not familiar with vehicles and what major repairs cost let us help illustrate the costs. Take note that almost all of these can be paid for with about the same amount of money that one year of a ForeverCar policy payment will cost you. Here is a list with the rough approximate costs of some common repairs:

Repair TypeApproximate Cost

Read more about the Most Expensive Car Repairs here.

ForeverCar Warranty Summary:

ForeverCar seems like an honest effort by a company to address many of the pain points caused by other plans of this type. However, some of the reviews we read point to the same old dissatisfaction among buyers. “I paid for this plan for a long time and when I needed the car fixed, the plan I paid for didn’t help me,” is the general theme.

If you do opt for a ForeverCar plan, ensure that you have the vehicle maintenance records for your car from day one. In your hand. Make sure the car has no known problems. An inspection by your own mechanic may help here. Oil dripping? A bit of coolant or transmission fluid staining the surrounding areas? You are most likely not going to qualify for repairs of those systems down the road. So how does the plan help you?

Read our full recommendations on the Best Extended Warranties here.


Is ForeverCar Legit?

Yes, ForeverCar has an A+ BBB rating and is a company that provides mechanical breakdown coverage.

Will my car qualify for a ForeverCar mechanical breakdown policy?

Maybe. Your car needs to have no known defects, you must possess all of the vehicle’s service records showing it was properly maintained from day one, and you will need to pass an exclusion period.

Does ForeverCar cover brake pad replacement?

Sort of. ForeverCar does offer one plan called Platinum Plus that covers some wear items but not others. For example, the inexpensive brake pads are covered but not the much more expensive rotors you will also need replaced when you service a disc brake.

How much does a ForeverCar mechanical breakdown policy cost?

We found example prices for ForeverCar policies costing from $53 to $89 per month. Lower than most plans of the type. Don’t use our estimate. Call for an exact cost for your exact vehicle.

Do ForeverCar policies cover alternators and AC compressors?

We looked at the offerings from ForeverCar and found that common, expensive breakdowns were covered by all of its plans. We specifically looked for AC compressor repair and alternator replacement. Both seemed to be covered. Scrutinize your contract to be sure you understand what is and is not covered.

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