Excuse me! Your Car's Warranty has Expired!

Nobody ever in the history of human existence has ever said: “Geez, I wonder if anyone has any important information about my car’s warranty?”

If you own a phone, you are approximately 189,374% likely to receive a call with VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the warranty on your car. Doesn’t matter if your car no longer has a warranty. Doesn’t matter if you no longer own the car. Doesn’t even matter if you no longer have a driver’s license, these companies want to sell you something, and they’ll sell it to you if your only conveyance is a skateboard.

And they’ll not only pitch you by phone. They’ll send mail. They’ll send email. They’ll use targeted ads on social media. They’ll try fax, TELEX, Western Union, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, semaphore and petroglyphs. There ARE a handful of reputable companies that will sell you an extended vehicle warranty without chasing you down like Dr. Richard Kimble in “The Fugitive.” We’ve got plenty of info on them in our buying guide to extended warranties. Until then, here’s how you’re likely to get pitched:

football extended warranty message

ceiling cat extended warranty

main viewer extended warranty message

Fast Extended Warranty Rate Quotes

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spongebob needs a warranty

morphus telling you you dont need a warranty

dog asking about warranty

cookie warranty message

Fast Extended Warranty Rate Quotes

Call now 1-855-534-1173 or get an online quote

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guy asking about car warranty in bathroom

bug asking about your car warranty

battle to cancel extended car warrany

stop calling about my warranty or i will kill you

bear asking about your warranty

car warranty message in a bottle

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