Concord Auto Protect Extended Warranty Review

Many third-party, extended auto warranty companies have poor reputations when it comes to customer service and processing claims. Concord Auto Protect, however, enjoys a far better reputation than do many others. Concord Auto Protect is one of the only companies in this realm to have ASE certified technicians available on the line during the claims process.

It’s important to note that no aftermarket warranty covers breakages or failures due to accident or factory recalls. They do sometimes cover driver stupidity, however, depending on the circumstance. All auto warranties will require proof of proper maintenance and upkeep for the vehicle.

Pros and Cons

  • Higher rental car reimbursement than most
  • High customer review and BBB ratings
  • Choice of repair facility
  • Plans are transferable with money-back guarantee
  • Relatively new to the business compared to others

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What is Covered by Concord Auto Protect Plans?

This is based on the ten most common car repairs made to used vehicles likely to be outside of factory warranty. Concord Auto Protect has three plans, starting with “Powertrain,” and moving to “Advanced,” and “Premium.”

Avg CostPowertrainAdvancedPremium

(*) Brakes does not include: Pads, Rotors, Shoes and Drums. Full contracts not available online. Please call for complete contracts and make certain to read it thoroughly.

Which Concord Auto Protect Plan is Right for Me?

Additional Benefits Included in All Concord Auto Protect Plans

  • Roadside assistance (out of gas, locksmith, dead battery, etc.)
  • Towing to a repair shop included, though each plan has limits.
  • Rental car ($50/day)

Powertrain Plan From Concord Auto Protect

The Powertrain plan is the basic plan from Concord Auto Protect covering, as the name implies, powertrain (engine, transmission, some related parts) needs. This plan includes the coverages listed above, which are standard to all Concord Auto Protect plans, and otherwise covers major powertrain needs such as engine, transmission, and electrical related to them. This plan can be thought of as Concord’s “major breakdown” coverage, covering catastrophic failures in the vehicle.

Notably excluded from this are four-wheel drive (4WD) components, steering components, turbochargers or superchargers, and suspension components. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and fuel system failures are also not covered. Some exhaust components are also exempted from the Powertrain plan, including common losses due to poor maintenance or general wear (e.g. rust).

Some specific items covered, as highlights, include:

  • Engine and transmission failures
  • Drive axle fix/replacement
  • Engine electrical system failures (including sensors)
  • Engine cooling issues (radiator, hoses)
  • Braking (all major mechanical components, not including pads or rotors)

Advanced Plan From Concord Auto Protect

A big step up from the Powertrain plan, the Advanced plan from Concord Auto Protect covers everything in the Powertrain plan plus all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive (AWD/4WD) components and steering components.For vehicles with those added attributes, this is probably the best plan for basic coverage.

Notable exclusions in this plan include anti-lock braking systems, fuel system failures, and turbochargers/superchargers as well as suspension components.

Added coverage includes:

  • AWD/4WD components such as differentials, transfer cases, etc.
  • Steering components such as rack, assist modules, and the like.

Premium Plan From Concord Auto Protect

The Premium plan is the most comprehensive coverage option from Concord Auto Protect. This plan covers everything in the Powertrain and Advanced plans and adds many more common issues as well. Most notably, the Premium Plan adds heating and air conditioning, anti-lock braking coverage, suspension components, and more. For most common fail points, the Premium Plan covers repairs.

Added highlighted coverage includes:

  • Heating and A/C
  • Fuel system
  • ABS
  • Turbo/supercharger
  • Front and rear suspension
  • High-tech electronics such as infotainment and driver information systems

How Much Does a Concord Auto Protect Warranty Cost?

These quotes were obtained through the direct quoting process on Concord Auto Protect’s website. Quotes will vary with vehicle details, of course, and may vary by region. All prices are, obviously, subject to change. We’ve rounded numbers to the nearest dollar for clarity (no “$99.99 isn’t a hundred bucks” here).

Vehicle*Plan NameTermTotal CostDeductible

(*) Sample cars were for 7 year old vehicles with 100k miles on the odometer.

How to File a Concord Auto Protect Claim?

There are two options for filing a claim with Concord Auto Protect. The first option is to call after the breakdown/problem has occurred and explain what you know and receive authorization for towing and/or diagnostics. Doing this can save headaches down the road, but is less convenient than the second option. Concord Auto Protect covers up to $120 per towing incident.

That other option is to have the vehicle taken to a repair shop and have the shop call Concord Auto Protect to file the claim. Most of the time this option works very well, though a Concord representative did tell us that pre-authorizing yourself can save headaches on things like towing reimbursement and the like. If you pay for the towing out of pocket and are not pre-authorized for the repairs, it may be difficult to get that towing cost credited towards your deductible and Concord does not pay owners directly. Concord also exempts diagnostic work from their repair coverages, so your out of pocket may be another $50 or more for that as well.

Concord Auto Protect pays repair facilities directly, over the phone, via a credit card. This greatly simplifies the process compared to other companies, which often reimburse the owner after the fact or pay facilities via check later (sometimes prompting them to put a lien on your car’s title or hold the vehicle until payment).

Also note that while any repair shop can be used for repairs via Concord Auto Protect, the company will only authorize a repair shop with at least one ASE certified technician on staff.

Is My Car Eligible for a Concord Auto Protect Warranty?

Some vehicles may not be eligible for coverage. These usually come down to either make/model restrictions the company has imposed or vehicle mileage. Here are the more common reasons for auto protection coverage eligibility rejections.

  • Vehicles with more than 150,000 miles or more than 20,000 miles per vehicle year, average
  • Heavy modifications, especially to powertrain, suspension, and the like
  • Vehicles more than 10 years old or considered “classic” or “antique”
  • Make/models often used in extreme conditions or situations, especially off-road rigs and vehicles with a fleet or commercial use history
  • Vehicles purchased at auction or having a salvage claim title

Most Common Reasons Why Concord Auto Protect Claims Are Rejected?

  • Lack of maintenance history related to the claim. Concord Auto Protect can, at any time during the claims process, request proof of maintenance on the vehicle. This usually happens if the mechanic doing the work lists “lack of maintenance” or similar as a possible cause for the problem being fixed. Having the past 3 years of maintenance history on hand or using the same shop for repairs and maintenance can make this part go smoothly.

  • Repair is a result of an accident. If the repair being done is a result of problems stemming from an accident claim, the extended warranty coverage may exempt that item. If this occurs, an insurance claim may be your only recourse. During an accident claims process, it’s a good idea to have an attorney include provisions in any settlement agreement for future/unforeseen problems to be covered.

  • Problem is outside of warranty coverage. Some problems can lead to other problems which are outside of the covered portions of the vehicle’s warranty. For example, a problem with the transmission would be covered, but resulting problems that issue caused to the AWD system may not be covered under a Powertrain Plan. Most problems causing a chain reaction are avoidable if they are fixed/repaired quickly.

Customer Reviews of Concord Auto Protect

Positive Reviews

The trend among positive reviews for Concord Auto Protect say that response times are very fast, payment to the repair shop was swift, and headaches during the claims process were minimal.

“I am so happy I came across this company and its protection plans. by far the best I ever had, my beloved car started leaking antifreeze the morning of plans to leave on my honeymoon. with concord I was able to bring it to my mechanic not some stranger. concord dealt directly with my mechanic with no stress or hassle to me. They even paid for the repairs over the phone. I didn't have to wait for reimbursement.” -Alex P. on BBB

“This company is outstanding! I used my policy several months after purchasing it, and the cost of repairs almost covered the cost of the policy on my BMW. I just purchased another policy for my son's Jeep! Money well spent!” – Madison Q. on BBB

“I purchased a warranty about 3 months ago. The price was very fair and lower than other quotes I had received, and the customer service was excellent. Today I had the opportunity to use the plan, and I am so impressed. The customer representative was available as soon as the service technician called for assistance. Concord went above and beyond in assisting us get the repair covered quickly. The shop staff was really impressed and they shared some insight about other experiences they've had with different providers. I am really glad that I purchased this policy and I felt compelled to write this review because of the wonderful interactions I've had so far with this company.” --Hillary on TrustPilot

Negative Reviews

The common theme among negative reviews for Concord Auto Protect are missed/lack of coverage, a misunderstanding of the “1,000 mile rule” requiring that the vehicle have more than 1,000 miles from date of coverage (a common requirement), and similar. We note that on most websites where companies can respond to reviews, Concord often responds with specifics as to why the person’s coverage was denied. It’s important to READ THE CONTRACT and understand what’s covered, when, and for how much.

“Worst experience ever payed $1500 tried to use my first clam and refused everything offed $150 on a $2600 Bill now they say I had all this before I got the coverage, so any one with any miles on you vehicle will fall under that criteria and they will refuse your clam and just take you money,” --Curtis C. on TrustPilot

“Overall really poor experience with concord. Paid a great price(seemingly) for the premium plan. Was sold on the plan from Jeff who was professional and informative. I asked specific coverage questions about potential areas of concern common to my vehicle and was assured they were covered expenses. 3 months after policy initiation I was in need of service on my car’s infotainment/nav screen and while in for service my dealership found an issue (unknown to me) in the air conditioning system that needed service. The whole time I got the uneasy feeling that coverage would be denied from calls I placed prior to bringing the car in, from concord customer service. I got that uneasy I’ve been scammed vibe. Sure enough both claims were denied in a thoughtful denial from Concords claim department. They made an insulting offer to contribute partial money towards the claim as a one time courtesy. After reading the policy I did see the language that indicated my claim would likely not be a covered expense. Here’s the good news I asked for a policy refund and much to my surprise I did get a prorated refund, but that seems to be part of their M.O.” --Scott P. on BBB

Should You Get a Concord Auto Protect Extended Warranty?

Circumstances and needs vary, but in general, the need for a warranty will depend on the expected problems to be had with the vehicle, the value of the vehicle, and your financial situation. Most people probably do not need an extended auto warranty if their vehicle is less than five years old or is being purchased privately (not via a dealership).

Vehicles less than five years old may already have a manufacturer’s warranty included and vehicles purchased privately will require the new owner to self-purchase a warranty out of pocket (not as part of a loan). In the former case, if the vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, there’s no reason to get coverage and lots of reasons to contact a dealership about adding an extended warranty through the manufacturer, which will have better coverage. In the latter case, the cost of self-purchasing a warranty may exceed the expected mechanic’s bills over the period of that warranty if the vehicle is in good shape. It may be better to save that money and spend it as needed.

In many instances, however, there are good reasons for an extended automotive warranty. A model with a reputation for problems that can be covered via a warranty is a good candidate for the insurance a warranty can provide. Some people’s finances cannot handle unexpected, surprise repair bills. This is especially true of those on fixed incomes or with limited resources, in which case a warranty could make sense.

Whatever your decision on buying a warranty, make sure to read all of the coverages and paperwork before you sign and buy that coverage. Extended vehicle warranties often have several exclusions and exemptions that should be known beforehand.

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Is Concord Auto Protect legitimate?

Yes, this is a legitimate extended warranty service in automotive. The company has been in business since 2013.

How much is a Concord Auto Protect warranty?

That depends on the coverage and vehicle in question. Most warranties range from 3 to 6 years and a commensurate amount of mileage with costs ranging from $1,000 to over $4,000, depending.

How do Concord Auto Protect warranties work?

Covered items are paid for directly to the repair shop doing the work. Customers can choose their shop, provided it meets Concord’s requirements, and the shop will be paid for repairs directly. Owner will be responsible for some fees (diagnostics and deductible, for example).

Can I cancel a Concord Auto Protect extended warranty?

Concord Auto Protect offers prorated refunds for purchased warranty plans.

Is a Concord Auto Protect warranty worth it?

That depends on your situation, but it can be well worth the cost. Some plans cover things that commonly go wrong with vehicles over 5 years of age while others do not. Research first.

If I sell my car, can I get a refund from Concord Auto Protect?

In most cases, yes. Concord Auto Protect offers prorated refunds on policies.

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