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Oklahoma Teen Drivers Ed Courses: Best Online Programs

These are Car Talk’s top recommended online drivers ed courses in Oklahoma:

How Much Does Online Driver’s Ed Cost in Oklahoma?

We found prices between $59 to $69 for the course. Here are more details on what we found from each provider:

  • iDriveSafely - Starting price of $65 for Oklahoma online driver’s ed. Large, multi-state provider of driver’s education programs. 100% online and offers 24/7 access.

  • DriversEd.com - Starting price of $65. 100% online and available in many states, including Oklahoma. Price includes 24/7 access, 3D animations, free practice tests, and a free year membership to AAA.

  • First Time Driver - Starting price of $69. Learner’s permit prep class is $15, with a full package of permit prep + driver’s ed for $79. First Time Driver is one of the more thorough online options for Oklahoma drivers. They guarantee a first-time pass guarantee and can help parents with their efforts to educate the driver.

  • All Star Driver Education - Starting price of $59. The company also offers parent-taught courses starting at $69.

  • Safe2Drive - Starting price of $68.95. Works with parents to provide driver’s training, but the state requirements for parents must be met, even for virtual instruction.

Driver’s Ed - How Does It Work In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma offers a few different types of driver education programs. Parents are also able to teach their teens to drive and courses can be completed online or in person. To enroll in driver’s education in Oklahoma, students must be at least fifteen years old. They must complete a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 55 hours behind the wheel. The state holds separate requirements for commercial driving students, but general instruction includes:

  • Signs, signals, and highway markings
  • Rules of the road
  • Driving attitudes
  • Basic driving maneuvers
  • Basic knowledge of the OK driver’s manual

Oklahoma Driver Education Online Courses:- Which Is Best For You?

Oklahoma maintains a list of approved exam sites but does not provide a comprehensive list of online courses. The state allows parents to assist in educating their teen, but there is still a fee that must be paid and strict requirements to be met. The parent must themselves be licensed drivers and the education time requirements still apply.

Online driver’s ed is another approved option and can be taken on one of the dozens of sites. Prices start very low, around $15, and range to over $100. Prices depend mostly on extra services that are included with the course, which are not required to obtain a learner’s permit.

These online classes consist of videos, cartoons, and graphics that help to explain concepts such as how to react around a school bus and how to parallel park. Although the rules and instruction goals are the same, each company has created its own online course. Some are much better than others. But how can you tell which is best?

Car Talk searched the available reviews and found that some rise to the top of the heap. Here are the best driver’s education programs, according to ratings:

When Can You Apply for a Driver's License in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has a graduated licensing system that begins with an application for a learner permit. The applicant must be at least 15 ½ years of age and must appear before an examiner. They must pass a vision and written exam and bring with them a state-issued birth certificate, their social security card, and documentation that proves enrollment in an Oklahoma school.

The Intermediate License requires that the driver has held their learner permit for at least six months, have had at least 50 hours of approval behind the wheel training, and have no moving violations. They must also have passed a driving skills exam. This license allows driving between 5 am and 10 pm, unless for activities related to school, church, or work. There may be only one passenger in the vehicle, unless passengers live in the same household or if the driver is accompanied by a licensed driver over 21 years old.

An Oklahoma Unrestricted License is, as it sounds, the final step in becoming a fully licensed driver in the state. The driver can travel whenever they please and can carry as many passengers as will safely fit in the vehicle. To obtain an unrestricted license, the driver must have had their Intermediate License for at least six months and must have no traffic convictions, OR be 18 years old and pass all of the required driving and vision exams.

What is Parent Taught Driver Education?

In Oklahoma, parents can opt to provide driver education if their student is otherwise unable to receive it in school or through a commercial driving school. All of the other state requirements remain in place and the parent must not have had any suspensions, convictions, or drug/alcohol-related legal problems within the last twelve months. Full requirements and details can be found here.

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Golden Wrench Winners for Best Online Drivers Ed and Traffic Schools

4.9 of 5

Aceable is not only an excellent program in terms of content, it is incredibly user-friendly and engaging. Classes are available on any device, have accessible audio and video and manage to make the subject matter interesting and fun. The site itself is easy to use and intuitive.

4.8 of 5

Improv Traffic School is a great program geared towards keeping the student engaged in the materials. Classes are a mixture of text, audio and video and hold the attention of the user using comedy whenever possible. The site is user-friendly and engaging.

4.4 of 5

This solid program is less flashy than others in the industry, but is a good choice in terms of content. The site is easy to use and self explanatory. The program tracks your progress and helps you along with prompt questions throughout.

3.7 of 5

This program is filled with all the information you need to pass the tests. The site is a little slow and simple compared to others in the industry. This content is timed, and users are expected to get through the material at a set pace. An audio option is available for a price.

3.5 of 5

This program is the basic offering in terms of frills. IDriveSafely has all the information you need, and no extras or distractions. The user-experience is very basic, but the content is complete.


Is drivers ed required in Oklahoma?

Yes. People applying for a learner permit must currently be enrolled in a program or be able to show proof of completion.

How do parents teach drivers in Oklahoma?

Parent-taught driver education is a correspondence course in Oklahoma and still follows the same requirements and guidelines as the official courses.

Can you take drivers ed online in Oklahoma?

Yes! There are dozens of courses available, and some even offer in-person instruction.

What age can you take drivers ED in Oklahoma?

Students must be at least 15 years of age before beginning the classroom portion of driver education.

Can you get your driver’s permit without drivers ed?

You must at least be enrolled in an education program and be able to show proof of its completion before obtaining a full license.

Can you get your license at 16 without a permit?

No. Oklahoma requires that the applicant hold a learner permit for at least six months before obtaining an Intermediate License.

Can I take my permit test online?

No. The applicant must appear before an examiner that administers a vision and written exam.

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