Improv Traffic School Review

You got caught speeding and now you’re off to traffic school. While that’s a good way to save some cash on insurance and make the ticket go away, it’s not exactly the most entertaining way to spend your time. Unless, of course, you go to Improv Traffic School. It’s run by national chain Improv Comedy Clubs, and employs comedians to rewrite ordinarily dry material into something that’s entertaining and fun.

Pros and Cons

  • More funny than regular traffic school (low bar, we know)
  • Automatic reporting to the DMV or the court
  • 24/7 live support
  • Free tickets to a comedy club offered if you finish the course
  • Not available in all states
  • It’s still traffic school - it’s probably not as entertaining as, say, Car Talk

How Does Improv Traffic School Work?

Improv Traffic School is pretty easy; start at this webpage, choose your state, and if it’s available, select “traffic school” from the course dropdown. If you don’t see traffic school, that means Improv Traffic School isn’t offered in your state. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get your ticket taken care of with Improv, but it does mean you need to check with your court to make sure their defensive driving class will count.

Once you’ve picked your course and paid, you can start working through the modules. You can go at your own pace, although some states have imposed a minimum time you need to spend on each module. If you get through the material before the timer hits 0, you’ll have to wait. Improv Traffic School recommends you review the important information presented in the module while you’re waiting or, if you prefer, you can watch a “Comedy Break” video to stave off the boredom until the timer runs down. As long as you get everything done before any deadline imposed by the court, Improv Traffic School will report your successful completion, and you’ll be done!

Well, almost. You’ll also get four tickets to an Improv Comedy Club at the end of your course, where you can get the laughs without the learning, if you want.

Overview of Courses Offered

Improv Traffic School offers courses for Defensive Driving, Driver’s Ed, and the one you’re interested in, Traffic School. Not all courses are offered in all states. The best way to see which classes you can take is to choose your state from the dropdown on their main page.

Driver’s Ed

This is the course you’d take if you’ve never had a license before. It’s the classroom segment of the training you’ll need in order to get your driver’s license for the first time.

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Traffic School

Traffic School is what you take when you’ve gotten a ticket and are trying to get it reduced or removed from your record. It’s also what you take when a court orders you to based on whatever you did behind the wheel that you knew you shouldn’t have been doing.

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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is where it gets a little confusing. There are two reasons to take a defensive driving course from Improv Traffic School. One is for folks who don’t have a ticket, but who want a discount on their insurance premiums. If that’s you, you’ll want to check with your insurance company first, to make sure they’ll accept Improv’s course for a discount.

The other reason is the same as Traffic School; you’re trying to get a ticket reduced or dismissed. That’s the confusing part; which do you take? Fortunately, that part isn’t all that confusing. If your state requires Traffic School, Improv lists that. If it requires Defensive Driving, Improv doesn’t show Traffic School as an option.

Defensive Driving gets broken down into two other categories as well. Some states, like Arizona, have pre-approved Improv Traffic School, which means you can just take the course, and Improv will tell the court when you’ve passed. Others, however, haven’t. If you’re in one of those states, you’ll want to confirm with the court that they’ll accept Improv’s class.

How Much Does Improv Traffic School Cost?

Pricing depends on where you live and which course you take, but we didn’t find any that cost more than 50 bucks, and many that cost half that. Of course, your state may also impose fees and other court costs related to taking traffic school.

Reviews of Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School’s reviews are generally positive, with many of them specifically highlighting the entertaining nature of the courses. That’s something you don’t see very often in reviews of regular traffic schools! On Yelp, Phil B. of California writes:

"This is a solid course with excellent fact and law based training, not a lot of useless fluff and an appropriate amount of humor. I completed the course early and had to go back and review to complete the 6 hours. You cannot take the final test without the full 6 hrs of class work. I would recommend this to friends if I had any."

And from Arizona, Marlo A’s also enjoyed the humor:

"If you are the sort of person who is aware that every two years you can take "traffic school" and have one ticket not be put on your driving record, you're gonna wanna bookmark the website for this online traffic school. Very reasonable price. Follows the required time rules by not letting you take the quizzes until you've spent sufficient time with the material. The technology all worked fine. And, in the end, traffic school is traffic school. However, this one has a few minutes of comedy before each section to break up the monotony of the required hours of material and the questions are not difficult and you can easily fulfill the requirements and move along. I got a ticket on one day and completed the course the next day and then just waited for my ticket to appear on the court website, then disappear from the court website."

But not everyone was quite so pleased. Negative reviews often focused on technical difficulties with taking the courses, such as Brittany A. from Orange, CA:

"I am so frustrated with this platform, words can't describe how bad it is getting through this. To start off I am not deviating from the webpage and staying on them the entire time. Sometimes the continue button won't pop up after watching a video after waiting a few minutes so I refresh the page and it makes me start the entire section over from the beginning. If you leave a section in the middle of a section you have to start over from the beginning and watch all of the videos over again. I wait for the timer to timeout before taking the quiz at the end of the section so I know that is not the problem. In the middle of selecting answers, the print page will pop up instead of continue."

Such technical problems do not appear to be universal, so we wonder if perhaps something on Improv Traffic School’s site isn’t compatible with all browsers.

Improv Traffic School Offerings by State

Each state has different requirements for what courts will accept to meet traffic school requirements. Just to be sure, you should verify with the court that Improv Traffic School will be accepted before you sign up.

We’ve put together a sampling of Improv Traffic School’s approach in a few different states:


In California, a Traffic School course will get your ticket dismissed, and you won’t get any points on your license. Your insurance rates should stay the same. As long as you finish the course before midnight on your due date, you’ll get credit with the court and the California DMV.

The six chapter course should take you about 7 hours to complete, but you can break it up into chunks. There’s a quiz after each chapter, and then a final test that you’ll get review sheets for before you take it.


An Improv Traffic School class in the Sunshine state can take as few as four hours, and as long as you get it done before midnight on your deadline day, Improv will get you credit with the state. If you get another ticket, you can even take the class again to get it taken care of, as long as your second ticket isn’t less than a year after your first. You can only be a “repeat offender,” so to speak, five times total, so it’s not a complete get out of consequence card.

Florida has several tiers of traffic school, depending on how badly or how many times you screwed up. The shortest is four hours, and there are two 8 hour courses for more serious tickets. One is an “Intermediate Driver Improvement” course, and the other is an “Aggressive Driver” class. You don’t need to take either of those unless a court orders you to.

The regular four hour class might be court-ordered, or you can take it voluntarily to get a ticket dismissed.


Texas ticketed motorists get a ten chapter course that you must spend at least 4 hours and 45 minutes taking in order to comply with state requirements. The class is pre-approved throughout the state, so you know your work will count. You’ll get no points on your license, and your insurance rates shouldn’t increase. If you get another ticket, as long as it was issued at least a year after your last one, you can take the class again.


Arkansas is an example of a state where Improv Traffic School isn’t pre-approved by courts to count toward taking care of a ticket or reducing your insurance premiums. You can still take a course from the school, but they recommend contacting the court that has jurisdiction over your ticket first to make sure their class will be accepted.

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Golden Wrench Winners for Best Online Drivers Ed and Traffic Schools

4.9 of 5

Aceable is not only an excellent program in terms of content, it is incredibly user-friendly and engaging. Classes are available on any device, have accessible audio and video and manage to make the subject matter interesting and fun. The site itself is easy to use and intuitive.

4.8 of 5

Improv Traffic School is a great program geared towards keeping the student engaged in the materials. Classes are a mixture of text, audio and video and hold the attention of the user using comedy whenever possible. The site is user-friendly and engaging.

4.4 of 5

This solid program is less flashy than others in the industry, but is a good choice in terms of content. The site is easy to use and self explanatory. The program tracks your progress and helps you along with prompt questions throughout.

3.7 of 5

This program is filled with all the information you need to pass the tests. The site is a little slow and simple compared to others in the industry. This content is timed, and users are expected to get through the material at a set pace. An audio option is available for a price.

3.5 of 5

This program is the basic offering in terms of frills. IDriveSafely has all the information you need, and no extras or distractions. The user-experience is very basic, but the content is complete.


Is Improv Defensive Driving legit?

Yes! The company’s been around for several decades and has an overall positive reputation for delivering on their promises.

How long is Improv Traffic School?

This depends on the state you got your ticket in. Different states have varying requirements for how long a course has to be.

Is Improv Traffic School any good?

We’re perfect drivers around here so we’ve never needed to take one of their classes, but from everything we can tell, Improv Traffic School is good at what they do.

What is the best online traffic school?

It’s going to depend on your needs and the requirements of your state. Improv might be best for you if you gel with their more comedic approach to the subject. But if your state won’t accept their classes, a different school would be a better choice. Read more about our Best Online Traffic Schools here.

What is the cheapest online traffic school?

Cheapest is not necessarily best, and schools advertising themselves as cheapest aren’t always. We usually recommend that you prioritize other criteria, such as coursework and whether or not your state will accept a certificate from the school you’re looking at. Read more on the Cheapest Online Traffic Schools here.

Do I need traffic school?

If you got a ticket and want to get it dismissed or save money on insurance hikes, you probably need traffic school. You also need it if the court ordered you to attend.

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