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New drivers in Georgia can take driver education classes in-person or online. Driver education courses must be certified by the Department of Driver Services. These classes have two parts and are known as "30 and 6". This stands for 30 hours of classroom time, and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Georgia also requires new drivers to log 40 hours of driving practice. At least 6 of those hours need to be earned at night. This can be done either with a state-approved instructor or with a parent using the DDS Parent/Teen Driving Guide. (We hope this goes without saying, but this part can't be done online and must be done in an actual car.) Together, these two parts are known as "Joshua's Law".

Online Drivers Ed Programs in Georgia

  • Aceable - One of the highest-rated course providers in the country (98% positive reviews on Trustpilot), Aceable's Georgia course provides the same type of bite-sized, entertaining course content that you'll find in the other states it provides courses for. One of the things people like most about Aceable is how compatible its courses are with mobile devices.
  • Awesome Driving School - Don't let the name fool you, Awesome Driving School is just as rigorous as the other, non-awesome programs. The $29.95 training can be done from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, and comes with a 100 percent pass rate guarantee. It can also be completed at any time of day, which makes it ideal for after school use. Awesome Driving School also offers programs for traffic violation training and practice permit tests.
  • Advance Driving Academy - Advance Driving Academy offers online training for $69, but unlike some of the others on our list, the program has to be completed from a desktop computer. The benefit of using this program is that the company offers the ability to mix online and in-person training to allow the new driver to complete their entire "30 and 6" curriculum for one price ($399).
  • - In addition to offering one of the lowest-priced online courses to meet Joshua's Law requirements in the state of Georgia, also includes unlimited practice tests and even offers in-car training (exclusively in Georgia, California and Texas).
  • Safe2Drive - Safe2Drive is a national company that offers state-compliant training across the country. In Georgia, the program costs just $24.95, and comes with the ability to access 24 hours a day from any device. The course is laid out in a step-by-step format that makes tracking progress very easy. This program recommends the use of the Parent/Teen driving guide to complete the hands-on portion of training.
  • Just Drive Right - Just Drive Right offers programs for teens and adults that start at $29.95 for online training. The training can be completed at any pace and can be used until the new driver passes the course. The company offers a mixed online and in-person program that runs $295, and can be completed with a female trainer, if requested.
  • Just Driver Training - Just Driver Training has a wide variety of courses for adults, teens, and remedial needs. Its online program can be taken at any time and at any pace. The online course starts at $95. Training is offered with an audio option for people that like to take notes, and the company has support staff on hand to help with technical difficulties.
  • Georgia's motor vehicle department has a website that lists all available online and in-person training programs.

Getting a Learner's Permit in Georgia

15-year-olds can apply for a Georgia Instructional Permit (CP). They must pass a vision exam and a knowledge exam prior to being issued the permit. Applicants under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian, or other responsible adults on hand to sign the application. The adult also has the ability to request that the CP be revoked at any time before the applicant’s 18th birthday. Obtaining a learner’s permit in Georgia allows the driver to operate a standard passenger vehicle when accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age.

Other requirements include:

Documentation of identity, which includes a residential address, full social security number, and proof of citizenship or lawful status in the United States

  • New Georgia residents must surrender any out of state driver's permits or licenses.
  • A school enrollment form must be completed and notarized by the applicant's school.
  • If under 18 and not enrolled in school, the applicant must provide proof of a high school diploma, GED, or other education certificates.
  • Applicants must pay a $10 permit fee.

Getting a Driver's License in Georgia

16-year-olds who have held an instructional permit for at least one year and a day can apply for a provisional driver’s license. The new driver must not have had any major traffic violations during the time they were driving with an instructional permit and must have completed 40 hours of supervised driving with at least six of those hours having taken place at night.

Other requirements include:

  • Passing a vision exam
  • Passing a road skills test
  • Provide proof of identity and residency

Once the provisional license has been obtained, there are restrictions on how and when the new driver can be behind the wheel.

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4.9 of 5

Aceable is not only an excellent program in terms of content, it is incredibly user-friendly and engaging. Classes are available on any device, have accessible audio and video and manage to make the subject matter interesting and fun. The site itself is easy to use and intuitive.

4.8 of 5

Improv Traffic School is a great program geared towards keeping the student engaged in the materials. Classes are a mixture of text, audio and video and hold the attention of the user using comedy whenever possible. The site is user-friendly and engaging.

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This solid program is less flashy than others in the industry, but is a good choice in terms of content. The site is easy to use and self explanatory. The program tracks your progress and helps you along with prompt questions throughout.

3.7 of 5

This program is filled with all the information you need to pass the tests. The site is a little slow and simple compared to others in the industry. This content is timed, and users are expected to get through the material at a set pace. An audio option is available for a price.

3.5 of 5

This program is the basic offering in terms of frills. IDriveSafely has all the information you need, and no extras or distractions. The user-experience is very basic, but the content is complete.


At what age can I start driver's ed in Georgia?

At the age of 15, drivers can get a Georgia Instructional Permit (CP). A year and a day later, they can apply for a provisional driver’s license.

Are there restrictions on provisional driver's licenses in Georgia?

Yes. On a provisional license, you cannot drive between midnight and 5 AM. Only immediate family members may ride in the vehicle with the new driver for the first six months. Only one passenger under the age of 21 may ride in the vehicle with the new driver for the second six months. After one year, only three passengers may ride in the vehicle.

How much does driver's ed cost in Georgia?

Online courses vary between $29.95 and $95 and offer various levels of online instruction, but that doesn’t take into account the required driving instruction time. Georgia requires that all 16-year-olds applying for a license complete 40 hours of supervised driving, 6 hours of which must be at night.

Can I avoid driver's ed completely?

Yes, but not at the age of 16. If the applicant has not completed a certified Georgia Driver Training/Driver Education course, he/she cannot obtain a Class D Provisional License until age 17. (Note this license carries restrictions including times of day and number of passengers.) No one younger than 18 can get a Class C Driver’s License.

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