Best Jiffy Lube Deals and Coupons - March 2020

Updated by Patricia Potter March 30, 2020

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Top Coupons

Coupon #1: $27 Off on Oil Change

Scratch $27 from the oil change from Jiffy Lube.

  • Use code: WEB2699

Get Deal: $27 Off on Oil Change

Coupon #2: 20% Off on Engine Air Filter Replacement

Need to replace your engine air filter? Here's a deal for you to scratch that 20%.

  • No coupon needed.

Get Deal: 20% Off on Engine Air Filter Replacement

Coupon #3:15% Off on Fuel System Cleaning Service

A clean fuel system is one way to keep your engine running. Good for removing carbon buildup on injectors, valves, and combustion chambers.

  • Use code: seofsc

Get Deal: 15% Off on Fuel System Cleaning Service


Other Coupons

Coupon #4: $6 Off on Emission Testing

Reduce Emissions Testing by $6 when you use this code.

  • Use code: seoim6

Get Deal: $6 Off on Emission Testing

Coupon #5: 10% Off on Tune-Up Service

Getting ready for tuning up your vehicle? Use the code below and enjoy the 10% discount from Jiffy Lube.

  • Use code: 6DTUJ2

Get Deal: 10% Off on Tune-Up Service

Coupon #6: $20 Off on Wiper Blades

Does your battery already reach its end? Head off to the nearest Jiffy Lube center and have it replaced with a discount of $20.

  • Use code: 2020WIPER

Get Deal: $20 Off on Wiper Blades

Jiffy Lube FAQ

About 90% of what we do at Car Talk is trying to get people to change their fluids on time. Jiffy Lube has been making that process a no-brainer for the last 35 years. You show up, hand the associate your money—and one of these awesome discount coupons—and you’re down the road faster than you can say "check engine light."

And it's not just about oil changes. Jiffy Lube takes care of all your car maintenance including brake work, alignments, tire rotation, and replacement and cooling system service. 20 million people trust their cars to Jiffy Lube every year.

Get your car ready for fall right now with these deals and promotions from Jiffy Lube.

Does Jiffy Lube check alignment?

Yup. Jiffy Lube offers alignment inspections. If your tires are wearing unevenly or your car is drifting to one side, it could just be that you are a bad driver, but most likely you need your alignment adjusted. Jiffy Lube has the equipment and trained technicians to help. You might even be able to save a few bucks with one of the coupons above.

Does Jiffy Lube change spark plugs?

Yes. Jiffy Lube will remove and replace your spark plugs. They will also inspect your car ignition system. Shocking, right?

Does Jiffy Lube do state inspections?

Yes. Jiffy Lube does state inspections. They are also one of the largest providers of preventive maintenance in the country. Jiffy Lube will help make sure your vehicle meets local safety and emissions inspection requirements.

How much does an oil change at Jiffy Lube cost?

Prices vary based on location and the type of oil you need. You should expect to pay $40–$90 depending on those factors. There is likely a coupon above that can help!


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