Goodyear Tire Specials: December 2019

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Top Coupons

Coupon #1: $150 Rebate with Goodyear Credit Card

Purchase tires at using the branded credit card and receive up to $150 back on your purchase. With that kind of money, you can even afford to take our technical, spiritual, and menu advisor, John "Bugsy" Lawlor out to lunch!

  • Valid until 12/31/19

Get Deal: $150 Back on Tires

Coupon #2: Save $75 on Goodyear or Dunlop Tires

Instantly save $75 when you purchase a complete set of Goodyear or Dunlop tires and have it installed at any Goodyear Auto Service. Make an appointment today!

  • Valid until 12/31/19

Get Deal: Save $75 on Goodyear or Dunlop Tires

Coupon #3: $10 Off Computerized Alignment

Aside from preparing your tires for winter, better make sure to have it aligned as well. Computerized alignment helps tires wear more evenly, helps improve fuel economy, and helps improve vehicle handling.

  • Discount will be deducted instantly
  • Valid until 12/16/19

Get Deal: $10 Off Computerized Alignment


Other Coupons

Coupon #4: $10 Off Cooling System Service

Getting ready for your holiday road trip? Better yet, bring your vehicle to the nearest Goodyear shop and have them perform their cooling system service and scratch $10 for that.

  • Must present coupon
  • Valid until 12/16/19

Get Deal: $10 Off Cooling System Service

Coupon #5: $10 Off Full Synthetic Oil Change

Since Christmas is already fast approaching and we know you have several road trips ahead, treat your vehicle with that oil change to protect your engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly all throughout the holiday.

  • Must present coupon
  • Valid until 12/16/19

Get Deal: $10 Off Full Synthetic Oil Change

Coupon #6: $5 Off Headlamps and Bulbs

Thanksgiving already passed and Christmas is almost waving, different parties everywhere and of course going home late will be a part of it. You better be prepared for those late night drives and a bright deal for you, scratch $5 off with your purchase.

  • Valid until 12/16/19

Get Deal: $5 Off Headlamps and Bulbs

Goodyear FAQ

What You Might Not Know about Goodyear

If you haven’t heard of Goodyear, you probably haven’t heard of “cars,” either, so welcome to 1901. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a tire giant that literally invented the way rubber goes on your wheels. Along with making the tires, they also retail them through a network of Goodyear Tire and Auto Centers and Just Tires, and independently owned shops that are part of the Goodyear Tire and Service Network. Through these outlets, Goodyear provides a whole range of auto repair and maintenance services in addition to new tires from Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly. Goodyear also sells tires direct to consumers through their website,, and operates a mobile tire installation program called Roll by Goodyear that provides new tire installation services in many major cities. Tires installed through this method offer all the rebate and warranty perks of purchasing tires in stores, but with the added convenience that they come to your home, office, or shopping center so you can have tires installed on your vehicle while you tend to other business. Warranty claims for tires installed using the Roll by Goodyear service are handled in the exact same way as if you purchased the tires in a Goodyear Company-owned store. Information on mobile tire installation can be found at

Why We Like Goodyear Tire

We get all kinds of questions from listeners and site visitors on weird, off-brand, no-name tires. Our advice is to spend a few more bucks on a tire from a company that stands behind their tires. Goodyear has a nationwide footprint, and the warranty on repairs and maintenance performed at company-owned stores and members of the Goodyear Tire and Service network is serviceable all over the United States. If you had a repair in Texas and something goes wrong in Maine, you can be sure there will be a place nearby to get service. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, if you purchase Goodyear, Dunlop, or Kelly tires online from and have them shipped to a Goodyear company store or Tire and Service Network member shop for installation, you will be able to obtain tire warranty service in person. This means tires will be replaced or pro-rated refunds issued without having to mail tires back to an internet retailer. This is a huge advantage. Most Goodyear affiliated shops and stores accept the Goodyear credit card. Purchases made on this card generally have a six month period of deferred interest. Additionally, manufacturers' tire rebates on Goodyear tires are increased when the Goodyear card is used at participating online and brick-and-mortar retailers. As far as quality goes, research will show that Goodyear tires are often listed at the top of ratings in a leading consumer research publication. 

How to Maximize Savings on Goodyear Tires

Goodyear has regular sales on many of its tires from Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly. An easy way to check to see which tires are on sale is to go to the Goodyear website, click on “Find Tires”, enter your tire size and location information, and then select the “Offers Available” square after the tire search results appear on your screen. and Goodyear company-owned stores also provide price matching. Just present a copy of the price from another retailer (shipping included if it is an online retailer) and they will match the price. If you have already purchased the tires and a lower price is found within 14 days of the purchase, they will refund you the difference. If you’ve decided on a set of Goodyear, Dunlop, or Kelly tires for your car or truck, go to the Goodyear website to find tires with rebates, make sure no lower price can be found either locally or online, price match if necessary, then purchase the tires on the Goodyear credit card. By combining these price reduction strategies you can be sure you are getting the absolute best deal on Goodyear, Dunlop, or Kelly tires. Finally, tire rotations are free when you purchase tires from Goodyear company-owned stores or participating members of the Goodyear Tire and Service Network. To keep tread life warranties in place, regular rotations are a must.

Are Goodyear tires actually good?

In the most up-to-date ratings by a leading consumer testing magazine, Goodyear has tires in the top five ratings in the categories of Performance All Season, Ultra High Performance All Season, Ultra High Performance Summer, SUV All Season, and Truck All Terrain. Dunlop is in the top five ratings of Truck Winter.

Does Goodyear own Kelly Tires?

Goodyear owns Kelly Tires and in the United States, Dunlop Tires.

Are Goodyear tires made in the United States?

Goodyear manufactures tires in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other manufacturing plants worldwide.

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