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Updated by Car Talk Staff, January 21, 2020 10:00 AM EST

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Car Care Accessories

Mag and Aluminum Polish - 10 oz. ($7.94)

Overburdened with free time? Come on down to Car Talk plaza and use that to polish our wheels. Bring a couple of tubs of this stuff with you. What's that you say? You'd rather work on your own car? To each their own!

Mag and Aluminum Polish ($7.94)

Car Wash Gloves ($7.99)

Always love to wash your own car? Here's a nice help with your car wash activities and did we mentione they're scratch-free?

Car Wash Gloves ($7.99)

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit ($9.49)

Yes, we are bringing this one back! Our Web Lackey still cannot move on from this magic! (Well, the magic won't work if you'll not do the work yourself.)

Turtle Wax (2-in-1) ($9.49)


Interior Accessories

Car Seat Protector - Kick Mats ($14.97)

Can't keep those little feet from kicking the backseat? We've got you covered!

Car Seat Protector - Kick Mats ($14.97)

Car Backseat Organizer ($21.99)

Trying to be organized this year especially in your vehicle? We've got you covered!

Car Backseat Organizer ($21.99)

Car Trunk Organizer ($24.99)

It is all about organizing, so here's some more help from us.

Car Trunk Organizer ($24.99)


Tools and Equipment

2 USB All-in-One Power Plug Adapter ($12.99)

This is so handy if you love to travel around the world.

2 USB All-in-One Power Plug Adapter

Universal Tire Repair Kit - 35 pieces ($14.97)

We never know when we'll get a flat tire, right? It's better be ready than sorry!

Universal Tire Repair Kit ($14.97)

Car Vacuum Cleaner ($20.97)

Got pets? Got kids? Ever leave your house? Unless you meticulously remove (and bag) your shoes before getting into your car, we're betting your car could stand to be vacuumed. Here's a vacuum that won't break the bank.

Car Vacuum Cleaner ($20.97)

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