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Updated by Car Talk Staff, December 03, 2019 09:21 AM EST

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Exterior Accessories

Save 85% on Car Windshield Snow Cover and Sun Shade Protector ($9.99)

Winter is coming, you better be prepared. Grab this deal and get 85% off; aside from the protection from snow and ice, this cover can also protect your windshield from rain, sleet, slush, water, hail, and snowstorms and even during summer too! And this cover can be installed easily and prevents and deters thieves from stealing the windshield protector and from being blown away by the wind.

Car Windshield Snow Cover and Sun Shade Protector ($9.99)

Save 38% on Car Trunk Organizer ($29.99)

Do you treat your car's trunk like an extra closet? Do your friends suspect that you are subletting your trunk to a particularly untidy family of squirrels? This trunk organizer may help.

Car Trunk Organizer ($29.99)

Save 50% on Multifunctional Car Seat Heater ($29.99)

Who doesn't like a warm tuchus? If your car didn't come with heated seats, some of these aftermarket butt-warmers get pretty darn good reviews.

Multifunctional Car Seat Heater ($29.99)


Performance Parts and Accessories

Standard Spark Plug ($4.37)

Having a backup spark plug is a must, who knows when you'll need it, right?

Standard Spark Plug ($4.37)

Carburetors Cleaner ($7.99)

Spare your floor mats and skip the kitty litter! If you're spinning your wheels in the snow, try this instead.

Carburetors Cleaner ($7.99)

Save 24% on Spark Plug Wire Set ($38.85)

Hurry—low stock. 6 wires that you can definitely use, positive-locking, corrosion-resistant stainless steel terminal ends for a tight fit and maximum resistance to vibration and separation.

Spark Plug Wire Set ($38.85)


Tools and Equipment

Save 73% on Digital Tire Pressure ($10.49)

This product is the #1 best seller in Analog Tire Pressure Gauges, and yes it is only $10.49. And don't worry, it has a 1-Year Warranty; battery included, compatible with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Digital Tire Pressure ($10.49)

Save 54% on Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner ($20.97)

Got pets? Got kids? Ever leave your house? Unless you meticulously remove (and bag) your shoes before getting into your car, we're betting your car could stand to be vacuumed. Here's one that won't break the bank.

Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner ($20.97)

Save 53% on Portable Car Jump Starter ($50.99)

The car battery starter is really handy in case your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere, right? Purchase this now and have it almost half the price!

Portable Car Jump Starter ($50.99)

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