What would you recommend to replace our Dodge Omni?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jul 01, 1992

Dear Tom and Ray:

Your radio program and newspaper column are so helpful that we are writing to you for advice in buying a new car. We are two ladies in our mid-seventies who have driven a Dodge Omni for the past six years. Prior to that, we drove a Plymouth Horizon. Both of these cars have been ideal for reliability, repair records, price, size, convenience in parking, ability to see over the hood, and many other aspects. We are trying to determine which new automobile would best fit our needs. Please give us your recommendations.

TOM: I hate to say it, Eleanor, but if an Omni and Horizon made you that ecstatic, you can just close your eyes and pick anything. It obviously doesn't take much to make you happy. Good for you!

RAY: Seriously, if you've been happy with these Chrysler products, you should look at the Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance. They're both small (although bigger than the Omni and Horizon), they're quite inexpensive as cars go, and they both come with an air bag (although on the driver's side only-- so you'll have to fight over who gets to drive).

TOM: But to tell you the truth, the best small car we've driven this year is the Saturn. Saturn is a new division of General Motors. We drove their SL2 sedan, and it seems to be very well put together. It handles well, and has enough power. The interior--ours had leather seats--was very comfortable for a small car, and all the controls were just where you'd expect them to be. And most importantly, the company appears to be treating it's customers the way people who spend $10,000 on a product SHOULD be treated--that is, VERY WELL.

RAY: So drive the Dodge and Plymouth, Eleanor, but before you decide, take a ride in a Saturn. I think it'd be a great car for a couple of young gals like you.

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