Is Your Car Prone to Poop? (Bird Poop, That Is).

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Staff Blog | Nov 11, 2016

Ever feel like your car is receiving more than its share of bird excrement? That's certainly the case for Car Talk caller Ross, who replaced his green Acura with a white one, and now seems to be driving an avian poop magnet. (Hear his call here.)

After talking to Ross, we created the Car Talk Bird Poop Research Division and put them to work. Turns out, this issue has been studied in detail! According to this highly scientific study, the hue of your ride just might make a difference.

What color of automobile has the highest percentage of direct hits? Here's the rundown.

The bronze medal goes to:

And in second?

And the gold medal winner for most splatted-upon car color? Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present...

Red is an attention-getter. But remember, not all attention is good. (Flickr image by radial monster)

Be sure to add to the steady of march of science, and post your personal findings in the comments.

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