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Staff Blog | Aug 14, 2013

We asked you to vote for your least favorite car color and you turned out to the polls in record numbers. Was it a close race?

Let's just say we've seen bigger landslides, but only on the news, and those involved heavy rains and tons of actual dirt. There were a lot of horrific, gag-worthy choices out there, but only one rose to the top of the heap. And so, without further ado, we present...

The Color You Hate The Most:


How much do you hate this color? Quite a lot, it seems!

Here's what you said:

  • "That pink reminds me of a particularly ubiquitous 80's shade of nail polish." --Michele Hackler 
  • "To me, it looks like pizza-and-wine vomit — not that I have any clue what that looks like." --Evan Sears,
  • "I've seen some Pepto-Bismol pink cars that make me want to take some Pepto-Bismol." -- Eve Rice-Whittenburg

But here's the best advice we got: "Google 'Blobfish'. That's what techno pink looks like." (Thanks, Ann Marie Hughes.)

Okay Ann, we took your advice, and we have to admit you're on to something!


The resemblance is striking! (Photo via
The resemblance is striking! (Photo via

There you have it folks! We think it's great to see automakers turning to nature for inspiration. Don't you?

Thanks for voting!

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