What do you always side with the ladies?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jun 01, 1995

Dear Tom and Ray:

You guys are always downgrading men when it comes to automotive knowledge. You almost always publish incidents where the woman is right and the hubby (or some other guy) is wrong. Are you guys afraid of women?

TOM: No. We just believe it's important to state publicly that men don't always know what they're talking about just because the subject is cars.

RAY: And we think it is incumbent upon us to tell the American public that in our experience fixing cars, women are better at describing problems, better at answering questions about symptoms, and, in general, have less of their egos tied up in pretending that they know everything.

TOM: Why do we feel the need to make these things clear in writing so frequently, Rudy?

RAY: Well, because our wives told us to.

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