Winter Snow Traction Devices

Ever used a clamp-on or strap-on device to help with traction on icy or snowy roads? 

We want to hear from you, our loyal web site visitors, if you have. Tell us if it worked! Was it worth the investment?

Review it here, now!

And if you haven't ever used a traction device, but want a little something extra the next time you drive to work, your can check reviews here.

Used a traction device, but don't see it here? Tell us and we'll add it as soon as we can!


Autosocks claim to slip easily over tires for extra grip. Read a review or add your own.



SnoBootz are rubberized overshoes designed for your car tires. Read a review or add your own.



What's a Spikes-Spider? A bunch of arms with tungsten carbide studs embedded in the traction surface. Read a review or add your own.



GoClaws are straps that claim to install easily, even when you’re stuck, and supposedly work in mud as well as snow. Read a review or add your own.


Traditional Tire Chains (multiple manufacturers)

Good, old-fashioned tire chains have been in use for years.What's your experience with them? Read a review or add your own.


Auto Snow Traction Mats

Auto snow traction mats claim to stop spinning wheels.  Read a review or add your own.


Portable Tow Truck

The Portable Tow Truck claims to add emergency traction while being "nearly indestructable." Read a review or add your own.



Shurtrax can add up to 400lbs of traction weight to a pickup truck. Read a review or add your own.


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