Which cars have PASSENGER side air bags?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1990

Dear Tom and Ray:

Can you tell me which cars are now available with PASSENGER side air bags?

RAY: I'm afraid you've taken the bait, Bill. Your wife wrote to us a few weeks ago and asked how she could get you to buy her a really expensive car. We suggested she insist on a passenger side air bag.

TOM: You see, the only cars that now come with passenger side air bags are Porsches and Mercedes. Every new Porsche comes with a passenger air bag as standard equipment (I guess that's the only way guys who drive Porsches could convince anybody to ride with them). And every Mercedes model from the 300 series on up has a passenger air bag as either standard or optional equipment.

RAY: So you can be a sport, Bill, and go for one of those. Or if you can hold out a little longer, you'll soon have some less expensive options. Starting later this spring, you'll be able to order a passenger air bag on the Acura Legend, the Lincoln Town Car, the Lincoln Continental, the new (1992) Mercury Grand Marquis, and the new (1992) Ford LTD. But I'd go for the Porsche, Bill, and by the way, your wife said she likes red.

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