Where can I find a scissors frame?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jan 01, 1990

Dear Tom and Ray:

I own a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice convertible. My car was involved in a rather violent car wreck and the frame for the convertible top was bent. This frame has been described to me as a scissors frame for large GM cars. I am unable to locate such a frame. Can you help me?

RAY: Man, are you in luck! It just so happens that my brother has a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice convertible that I'll be glad to sell you. When can you pick it up?

TOM: Wait a minute! You can't sell my Chevy. It just happens to be the most wonderful car in the world. They don't make cars like that anymore. I'll never sell it. That convertible is absolutely irreplaceable! But how much will you give me for it, John? Is seventy five bucks out of the question?

RAY: Seriously, there are a few companies that still make these things, but you might first try finding a used one. Go to your friendly junk yard (or auto recycling center as they like to call themselves now), and ask them to list your request on the "wire." That's a system by which they can search for used parts from other junkyards (pardon me, auto recycling centers). While you're at there, however, keep a close eye on your Chevy. Those auto recycling men are always on the look out for new candidates for the crusher.

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