Is shifting at 1,800 rpm damaging my Mustang? What about 3,000 rpm?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1993

Dear Tom and Ray:

When my husband drives my 1988 V-8 Mustang, he shifts at about 1,800 rpm. I prefer taking it up to about 3,000 rpm before shifting. He says what he does is easier on the car, which is probably true. But I says it does no harm to take it up farther. Will running it to a higher rpm hurt my lovely beast in the long run?

RAY: No, and it probably won't hurt your car either, Shirley.

TOM: Neither one of you is doing any damage. You're both within reasonable limits. As long as he's not shifting so early that he's lugging the engine (making it chatter and buck), then he's not shifting too early.

RAY: And as long as you're not running it up near the red line every other shift, you're not putting any great strain on the engine either.

TOM: Rest assured, Shirley. This problem is causing more strain on your marriage than on your car.

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