Wheel covers...who needs 'em?

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Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 1989

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a real problem with the wheel covers on my 1986 Delta 88. The wire spokes rattle terribly. The garage said to tape them with electrical tape which I did, but they have to be re-taped every month. New ones are much too expensive. Will other wheel covers fit? What should I do?

RAY: These wire wheel covers probably looked great, at least before you had to put black electrical tape all over them. But as you've discovered, they're a nuisance; they're noisy, they're hard to clean, and they fill up with ice and snow in the winter and throw your wheels out of balance.

TOM: Here's what you do, Marv. Take two weeks off and plan a road trip to New York. Get off the Thruway at the Willis Avenue Bridge exit. Park on the street anywhere near there and go get a cup of coffee. By the time you come back, those wheel covers will be long gone. Just don't stay for a refill or a donut or the wheels may be gone too.

RAY: Then, on your way out of New York, stop at a discount store and pick up a set of generic wheel covers for $30 (the one's that just say "CAR" on them). If you decide you really miss the noise, try a junkyard instead. If your timing is right, you might even be able to buy back your old ones!

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