What's the Worst Car of the Millennium?

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A Few of Your Thoughts Regarding the Worst Car of the Millennium

Car: Ford Courier

"I've hated the Ford Courier since I owned one, and shuddered whenever I saw one on the road, surprised that it was still running. However, I saw a Courier two years ago being used in the most perfect way imaginable: it was a chicken coop!"

Jane Campbell

Car: Renault Le Car

"I have to say a sure nominee is the Renault Le Car (pronounced here in Arkansas as "Rinalt Lee Car"). I must say I had the distinct misfortune of owning this French POS. It ate fan belts on a weekly basis, overheated when you ran the air conditioner and had the worst brakes (the front brakes were wedged in place and were apparently held there by prayer)."

Robert Shearon


Car: Ford Pinto

"The Ford Pinto, especially those with the bumper sticker saying, 'Hit And We Will Blow Up Together.'"

Jim Clarke

Car: Plymouth Full-Size

"The 1961 Plymouth full-size car has to be by far the ugliest car ever built--the first year of the finless design by Virgil Exner. The car had taillight pods, a front grille and bumper that compare to Jay Leno's chin. It even had a rectangular steering wheel. The car had a push-button transmission with no Park gear--you had to use the emergency brake to keep the car from rolling, and it came new with a block of wood to place behind the rear wheels when parking on a hill."

Jay Benedict



Car: Chevrolet Vega

"I nominate the Chevrolet Vega as one of the worst cars of the millennium. It makes me think of Jimi Hendrix singing, "Hey, Joe, where ya goin' now with that gun in your hand." To shoot my car for the lame horse that it was.

Joe Eason

Car: AMC Gremlin

"Here's an entry for your 'worst car' contest: the AMC Gremlin. I was fortunate to have a bright-red one (highly visible) my freshman year in college. What a babe magnet! On its best day it was running on two cylinders. Here's one for the record books: I once received a speeding ticket in it. The state trooper said I was doing 75 mph. Needless to say, I lost any and all confidence in the technology of radar at that point."

Jimmy Jones



Car: AMC Gremlin

"This is the only car I know of that rusted from the inside out."


Car: AMC Gremlin

"The word 'gremlin' comes from the Irish/Gaelic word grumaimin, meaning 'ill-humored little fellow.' My Webster's defines gremlin as a 'small gnome held to be responsible for malfunction of equipment, esp. in an airplane.' Does anyone really believe that the AMC establishment was unaware of these definitions when they named this little jewel?"


Car: Trablant

"THE TRABLANT! This quiet little marvel of Soviet Bloc automotive engineering was even more fabulous than the Yugo! This one never made it to U.S. shores, as far as I know, but the "Trabby" was a favorite amongst the proletariat."

Daniel Singer


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