What's the Worst Car of the Millennium?

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A Few of Your Thoughts Regarding the Worst Car of the Millennium

Car: Yugo

"My vote for the worst car of the millennium has got to be the Yugo, Yugoslavia's greatest contribution to the American automotive market. I had the misfortune of following a Yugo on the freeway once, and, as far as I could tell, it topped out at a whopping 42 mph. When it reached this high rate of speed the doors began to shake and the engine sounded like a blender set on 'puree.'"




Car: Mustang II

"My vote is for the Mustang II. It was a Mustang body on a Pinto (or Bobcat, I'm not really sure which). It managed to do everything badly. No handling to speak of, bad styling, bad tranny and the front end floated when the ground was wet. It couldn't even manage to get decent gas mileage-27 mpg for a four-cylinder engine. It was so bad that Ford won't even admit that it made it (I'm not kidding-look at the 30-year-retrospective photo and try to find one of 'em.)"

Jeff Canfield

Car: VW bus

"Any vehicle that allows someone to own a car older than themselves and that provides frequent learning experiences should be hailed. If everyone had to own one of these as a first car (as I did), there would be no traffic jams anywhere because at least half of us would be so turned off by the experience of owning a car that we would seek alternative means of transportation."

Mark Rooney

Car: Pacer

"You're doing the worst cars of the millennium? Well you forgot one of the biggies-the Pacer. You know, the rollin' time bomb? You just bump it in the back end and watch it blow!"




Car: Renault Dauphine

"I had a 1958 three-speed Renault Dauphine. It had a top speed of 45 miles per hour. The minimum speed on the Florida turnpike was 40 mph. Highway patrol cars would follow me for miles waiting for me to hit a hill and fall below the minimum so they could ticket the car."

Steve Gross

Car: Colt Vista

"My nomination (which carries some weight, having owned or frequently driven at least four of your suggestions) is the pre- fuel-injected Colt Vista. It was a really big mistake to extinguish the fire when an oil line sprayed onto the exhaust manifold and did about $500 worth of damage. I'm still mad at my wife for letting the firemen near it (or turning off the key when she jumped out)."

Jim Preston



Car: Ford Gran Torino Sport

"The worst car I have ever owned was a 1972 Gran Torino Sport. At 12,000 miles the transmission fell out of the car. At about 20,000 miles, I was driving along and heard a loud "BOOM" coming from the engine compartment. The air conditioner had literally blown up, putting a hole in the engine compartment, which was OK, since it never worked right anyway. To get the heater to work you had to kick the heater-fan housing under the glove compartment. The windows never closed properly (they were the manual kind), so I got to hear a neat whistle coming from the windows as I was driving along. I also noticed shortly after getting the car that one of the body panels was a slightly different color than the rest. Apparently Ford used a water-based paint on this particular panel; I guess they just ran out of the paint they used for the rest of the car."

Larry Green

Car: Plymouth Volare

"I have to agree with your first choice-the 1976 Plymouth Volare has to be the worst car of the millennium. The stalling problem was so bad that I had to take a circular, clockwise route to and from work so I could make all right turns and not risk stalling on a left turn in front of oncoming traffic."

Dale Angerman


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