What suggestions do you have for preventative replacement?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jan 01, 1989

Dear Tom and Ray:

My wife and I own two Toyota Camrys. What suggestions do you have for preventative replacement? For instance, at 75,000 miles, the timing belt on my 84 gave way stranding me--fortunately near a good restaurant! I then found that this was common at around 60,000 miles, so we plan to replace the belt in my wife's 86 at before it gets to 60,000. Any other suggestions?

RAY: We find that the timing belts on these cars do go at about 60K. It's probably worth replacing at 50K. It's a 150 dollar job, you'll save the towing charges and get peace of mind. As for other preventative maintenance, you should also have your car serviced at least once every six months. Have a mechanic you trust look at everything--steering, brakes, belts, fuzzy dice--and replace whatever appears to be on the fritz. Where is the fritz anyway?

TOM: Again, I must disagree with my dear brother. If you had replaced the belt at 50,000, you wouldn't have gotten stuck, but you also wouldn't have discovered a great restaurant. I think it's important to have surprises in one's life. If you try to be too safe, it makes you an old f--t. Just keep driving--next time you could discover at great motel!

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