What do you think of those so-called nose protectors?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Sep 01, 1993

Dear Tom and Ray:

What gives with those so-called "nose protectors" that people purchase for their cars to curb front end damage caused by flying gravel, bugs, road debris etc.? Untold millions of dollars have been spent through the years making the front end of a car a thing of beauty. And then comes this joker with a piece of black vinyl covering up this work of art! I have a 55 T-Bird I purchased back in 1957. The paint and front end are in showroom condition, despite 200,000 miles of driving. I would NEVER think of covering up the front end of my vehicle for any reason. What do you think?

TOM: I agree with you, Paul. These are like the hard plastic covers my grandmother had all over her furniture. Sure, they kept the marinara sauce off the fabric, but SHE never got to enjoy the furniture either!

RAY: And these vinyl nose protectors are very similar. The front of your car is protected, but you never get to see it. Plus, due to oxidation, you'll eventually get a two-tone paint job if you don't take the cover off on a regular basis.

TOM: If you're really that uptight about your car's finish, do what I did to my brother's new truck a few years ago. Go right out with a can opener, and put a big, deep scratch down the side it. Ever since I did that, he hardly even notices those little dings here and there.

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