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Staff Blog | Jun 14, 2013

We all turn into our parents!

That was Tom’s horrifying declaration, in one of our favorite Car Talk calls of all time. This week, in honor of Father’s Day, we’re sharing that call with you. You can hear it right here.

Turning into your parents? Tom and Ray should be so lucky! (Magliozzi family photo)
Turning into your parents? Tom and Ray should be so lucky! (Magliozzi family photo)

It’s one of our favorite bits of Magliozzi wisdom, gleaned from Tom and Ray’s advice to Candace, a caller who wanted to see if the guys could help settle a dispute she was having with her boyfriend, Brandon.

In fact, the dispute was a proxy battle between their respective fathers. Candace’s dad taught her to keep the car in gear when slowing to a stop, but Brandon’s father insisted that coasting to a stop was the way to go, because it saves gas.

What did Tom and Ray say? Well... they think you can learn a lot about a person based on what “their father always says.” You can listen the verdict on the driving question, right here

Score: Candace’s dad 1, Brandon’s dad, 0.

But wait! Our hosts have more dubious wisdom for Candace, as they meander through the topic of cheapskates and absurd attempts to save money--and culminating with Tom securing a lifetime of sleeping in the garage after a few choice statements about his mother-in-law.

Listen to it all, right here -- and Happy Father’s Day, from all of us at Car Talk Plaza.

By the way.... What do you think? Are we all destined to turn into our parents?

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