This week--a radio that loses its memory more than my brother!

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Dear Car Talk | Dec 01, 2006

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1987 Acura Legend that I enjoy tremendously. But I have a strange problem that has recurred four times. The original-equipment radio periodically loses its memory of the 12 stations and three equalizer settings that I program into it. The radio continues to function perfectly, except that it's forgotten everything I ever taught it! It has always occurred while the car is parked. The best explanation that the dealer (whose service has been fine) can offer is that it has lost power, but the battery has never been disconnected. Do you have an explanation?


RAY: Well, Richard, it sounds to us like a secret plot by other auto makers who are sick of seeing Acura top the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey year after year. Every few months, one of their operatives comes around, opens your hood, and momentarily disconnects one of your battery terminals--wiping out your presets.

TOM: Actually, Richard, what you probably need is a new battery. The presets on your radio are very voltage sensitive. If, for example, the voltage falls from 12 volts to 10, these presets will get wiped out. A bad cell in the battery is all it would take.

RAY: The car would continue to start because electric motors (like your starter motor) are much less voltage sensitive. When the voltage drops a little, they just run slower. In the summertime, this would present no problem. In the winter, however, losing your presets may be the least of your problems. You may have to spend a week or two looking for the AAA card you haven't had to use in the last three years.

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