We Have a Winner!

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Staff Blog | Nov 07, 2012

The voters have spoken! The Car Talk Electoral Vocational-Technical College has tallied the results and we have a winner... in our best bumper sticker of all time contest, that is.

Are you sitting down with your seatbelt on? Good.

And the winner is...

Bumper sticker oath of office: I vow to cling to the bumper of any vehicle to which I am affixed, so help me General Motors.The challenger ran an admirable campaign, but ultimately it was not enough to secure the mandate. Here’s a photo from the runner up’s very moving concession speech.

Just kidding, stickers don’t make concession speeches.It was a hard-fought campaign, and each bumper sticker did a fabulous job turning out its supporters.

Check out the eight other great candidates, right here. Each now goes forward, doing the hard work of staying plastered to America’s aging bumpers, and getting good laughs from weary commuters across our traffic-snarled nation.

For your service to our country, we thank you.

To those of you who did your part to get out the vote, who stuffed our ballot box to overflowing, who wasted countless hours on the Car Talk Facebook page, we thank you, too. (Nothing personal, but you sure do have a lot of time on your hands!)

This Car Talk staff blog post has been authorized by the Time Kill Division of Car Talk Plaza, Hugh Louis Dewey, Fiscal Agent.

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