Category: Traffic Conditions

There are always several routes that you could take to get from point A to point B, but unless you're psychic, how do you decide which way you should go? Car Talk listeners recommend using Waze for Android and iPhone. Waze takes navigation and combines it with crowd-sourced traffic reporting so when the highway is at a standstill, it suggests a different route. Your phone automatically sends GPS data back to Waze, which calculates traffic based on your movements. So drivers don't have to actually engage with the app once it's turned on, which we think is an imperative safety requirement, over other popular traffic apps like Trapster, which relies on manual input of information.

What Car Talk visitors say:
"Every person running Waze is also a real-time traffic reporter, so the more people using it, the better it becomes. What really sets it apart, though, is that they've made the app really, really fun to use. (Would not have thought a turn-by-turn GPS app could be fun, but they pulled it off!)." ... Rob

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