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Staff Blog | Jan 18, 2013

What’s the ugliest car on the road today? Good question!

We asked you that question last week, and you didn’t hold back with your deplorably hideous nominations. Here they are! Now it’s your turn to vote for the dubious winner.

We realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if the beholder has horrible taste (like my brother). So we apologize if your heart’s desire has ended up on this list. 

So, we need your help picking the no. 1 ugliest car currently in production. Cast your vote for the winner -- or is it loser? -- at the bottom of this post, now! 

Tom and Ray Magliozzi​
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

The Chevy Spark
“Bigger headlights than most minivans, and the face of a mutated bulldog on a chihuahua body.”-- MistyGreen <br/> "Looks like a wet rat tweaked out on too many 5-Hour-Energy drinks!"-- Connie Brichford <br/>"The perfect gift for your teens to keep them from becoming sexually active."-- Tom BodettThe Fiat Multipla
"Fiat was trying for, 'So ugly it’s cute.' Unfortunately, they overshot. My brother likes the way it looks. I rest my case!"-- Tom Magliozzi <br/><br/>“Looks like they assembled it out of mismatched parts from the leftover bin. Were they trying to make a Rowena iron?”-- Doug Berman<br/><br/>“Hit with a bunch of ugly sticks. You'd imagine Fiat would have run out of ugly sticks in 2011--you'd be wrong.” -- RemcoW</br><br/>"It's what my kids come up with when I tell them, yes you can build a go-cart, but only with the stuff you can find laying on the floor of the shop."-- Tom BodettThe Infiniti QX
"Ugly in its excess. Like a 400-pound guy wearing too much make up."-- JimBo<br/><br/>“Production staff put the vehicle together to see if buyers will purchase anything if it cost enough.”-- dgstrattontruthThe Kia Soul
"Now we know who those headhunters were, hanging around outside Matchbox HQ trying to hire designers."-- Tom Magliozzi <br/><br/>"It's a cross between a Subaru Forrester and Mr. Bean. Good in snow, but mostly just silly."-- Tom BodettThe Lincoln MKT
“Try as they might, Lincoln can’t seem to get tacky bling out of its system.”-- Ray Magliozzi <br/><br/>“This is luxury? I hope the paper bag I'll be wearing over my head while driving it comes encrusted with diamonds.”-- LegacyMay<br/><br/>"Official vehicle of the American orthodontal association. Look at those grills."-- Doug Berman<br/><br/>"Lincoln, finally, all the pizazz of a 1997 Buick."-- Tom BodettMitsubishi i MiEV
"Half roller-skate, half squashed bug."-- Carly Nix<br/>"Where do I put my clubs?"-- Doug Berman<br/>"Did they design it, or just extrude it?"-- Doug Mayer<br/><br/>"Sometimes when I doodle I don't have enough room at the bottom of the page to add things like legs to people. So they get skateboards or something. I didn't know until now that automotive designers have that problem too."-- Tom BodettThe Nissan Cube
"If it were a Transformer it would turn itself into some sort of personal hygiene product."-- Tom Bodett<br/>“The epitome of ugly. An accident wouldn't make it look any worse.”-- doubleclutch<br/>"I think Nissan thawed out a few cryogenically frozen AMC designers to work on this one."-- Doug Berman<br/>"The assymetrical wrap-around window is functional yet positively AMC-ish in its nerdiness."-- Tom MagliozziThe Nissan Juke
“It’s got the eyes of... Marty Feldman!”-- Ray Magliozzi<br />"I can never remember - is it alligators, crocodiles or Nissans that have eyes on top?"-- Tom BodettThe Prius V
"Pure function over form. Admirable, but results in a Dustbuster."-- Ray Magliozzi<br/>"You can put spats on an orthopedic shoe, but it's still an orthopedic shoe."-- Tom BodettThe Smart car
 "Like a giant infected zit!”-- Milhunk

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