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Staff Blog | Sep 27, 2013

We’re drowning in a sea of ugly cars here. We asked you to send us your nominations for the ugliest beaters on the block, and boy did you deliver!

You can see the full gallery of images right here, but we have to warn you, there are more than 100 entries, each one uglier than the next! We never knew there were so many different styles of ugly.

Now we need your help again, as judges in our little un-beauty pageant. We’ve chosen the semi-finalists and we need you to crown the winner. Here are the candidates: 

#1: The Mud Pie

Car wash? What's that? (Photo: Alan Abboud)
#2: Good as Gold

Nothing a little gold paint can't fix. (Photo: Cecilia Barzyk)
#3: The Barbie Dream Car

Or is it a nightmare? (Photo: Joline Swauger)
#4: The Anglerfish

Inspired by nature. Horrifying nature. (Photo: Elizabeth Anderson)
#5: The Camper

What is that, a Sealy Postu-r-pedic on the roof for the Jolly Green Giant? (Photo: Jeff Mascherino)
#6: Zenny

What's black and white and red all over? (Photo: Charles Thornburg III)
#7: Rustbucket

Just a couple more gallons of Bondo and she'll look factory-new! (Jeremy Wexler photo)
#8: The Beet

Can you beet this? (Photo: Steve)
#9: Here's Looking at You

Effective anti-tailgating device. (Photo: D Vincent Black)
#10: Al-arm-ing

Caution: Driver may be armed. (Photo: Jose Ignacio Avecillas Chasin)
#11: Airflow

Come back tomorrow and it will be a pile of dust. (Photo: Kurt Treusch)
#12: The Roman

It's like that old saying, when in Rome . . . repaint your car. (Photo: Michael Sheehan)

Of course, ugly is always in the eye of the beholder. Here’s a little perspective from our pals on facebook: Jesse Wagner says, “You should rename this the World's Most Awesome Cars.” And Tony Merklin says, “I'll Take 'em All.....How Much ????”

What do you think? Are these cars ugly or awesome? Which one do you want to call your own? And are there any you’d refuse to ride in?

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