The Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars of All Time

guy-chick cars

Thousands of you e-mailed us with your nominations for the ultimate guy cars and chick cars of all time.

The results have finally been tabulated by our staff of exhausted lackeys. Here, now, are the winners--along with some of your profound, scintillating and downright whacko comments.

The Ultimate Guy Cars of All Time



5. Dodge Viper

"It might be a guy car if there was a movie or TV show built entirely around it. Other examples include Burt Reynolds' Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit, Nash Bridges' Hemi Cuda convertible, and Jim Rockford's Firebird."


ford f150

4. Ford F-150 Pickup

"Any car with numbers or letters for a name, or tacked on the end, can become a guy car. For example, F-150 or Civic-SI."



3. Chevy Camaro

"...with twice the horsepower needed. Used to show other guys how manly you really are."



2. Chevy Corvette

"I believe the main aspect that determines the male/female state of a car is based on the engine-compartment-(hood)-to-cab-length ratio. A car such as a pickup or Corvette has a large hood-to-cab-length ratio."



1. Ford Mustang

"A back seat guaranteed to be too small for your mother-in-law."

I'd like to see the chick car winners.

Read the guy car / chick car missives we've received.


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