The Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars of All Time

guy-chick cars

Thousands of you e-mailed us with your nominations for the ultimate guy cars and chick cars of all time.

The results have finally been tabulated by our staff of exhausted lackeys. Here, now, are the winners--along with some of your profound, scintillating and downright whacko comments.

The Ultimate Chick Cars of All Time



5. Dodge Neon

"Neons are Barbie cars: little and cute and rounded in the hips. Even in black, they are feminine and adorable, only just a bit tougher, like Tattoo Barbie."



4. VW Jetta

"Anything by Volkswagen is a chick car. VW realized this years ago and joined forces with another company to sell guy cars--they called that company Porsche."



3. Mazda Miata

"I discovered this phenomenon when I got a Miata. "Girlie car." That's all I heard."



2. VW Cabriolet

"All teen-age girls classify them as cute. 'Nuff said."



1. VW Beetle

"The VW Beetle. A chick car, definitely. And made to be so. How? I know of no other automobile with a FLOWER VASE as standard equipment."

I'd like to see the guy car winners.

Read the guy car / chick car missives we've received.


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