The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Cars of All Time

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The ultimate gay car has to be a Miata...I saw one on the freeway -- two very cute men, and the license plate read "str8 not".


As much as I personally prefer sportier cars (I drive a Honda Civic Coupe, which I love!), there's something about a cute guy in a Ford Ranger pickup that really gets my attention. Extra points if it's a SportSide model with "Splash" decals. Jeep Wranglers (soft-top, down please) run a close second.


The ultimate gay and lesbian car is the Honda Civic Coupe EX. It is fun to drive, has great features, including a sun roof and a kicking stereo. It's really safe, and can hold enough baggage for trips out of the city. (You know how some of us pack! Ever travel with a drag queen? Trunks! Trunks!) Best of all, I can fit my bike into this stylish little car as I travel to all the training rides for the Northeast Aids Ride.



ANYTHING CONVERTIBLE!!! What better way to catch a man than to ride around with your top down, right?


I might be the gayest guy alive, and I find myself totally attracted to the Saturn 3-Door. I can't keep my eyes off it. I've fallen in love.


I have noticed a trend among my lesbian friends "of a certain age" who have recently given up their small trucks, motorcycles, and Honda cars for the hideous PT Cruiser. I'm pretty sure most gay men would rather be caught dead than owning a PT Cruiser!


I was once the owner of an 1984 Toyota Tercel wagon 4X4. When I bought the car it was already equipped with the upside down rainbow triangle sticker. A few years later I moved to Burlington, Vermont, and noticed that the vast majority of those cars carried similar markings... Every time I mention the car I call it my Tercel lesbian wagon!



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