Ugly by Accident

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Staff Blog | Sep 09, 2013

Seen an ugly car lately? We’re now accepting nominations for the ugliest beaters on the block.

We’re looking for cars that rolled off the assembly line looking just fine, but have suffered cosmetically, due to years of bad decisions by their owners.

To put it less tactfully, we’re talking owner-inflicted, jaw-dropping, stomach-churning, faces-for-radio ugly.

If it wasn't a junker before, adding the turkeys didn't help. (Car Talk Photo)The Rules:
  • Cars must have earned their ugliness through owner neglect or shocking bad taste. (Remember, we’re not talking about factory-built ugly. You already awarded that dubious honor to the Nissan Juke a few months back.)
  • You must have a reasonable suspicion that it actually runs. (So the eyesore up on cinderblocks in your neighbor’s driveway is not eligible. Sorry!)
  • Pictures that appear to be taken by drivers of moving vehicles will be disqualified. (Translation: We know well the thrill of hunting ugly cars in the wild, but don't do anything dangerous or stupid just to get a good image!)
Never underestimate what a little paint can do... (Facebook Photo / Ralph Sandoval)So if you’ve seen a car that is going to sweep this contest, our gag reflexes are standing by. Email us your nominations, post them to our Facebook wall or leave them as a comment on the bottom of this page.

We’ll pick our favorites next week, and then turn it back over to you, our audience of keen-eyed aesthetes, to cast the final vote. 

And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So shield your eyes!

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