Trash or Treasure? The Action Figure Saab

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Staff Blog | Nov 18, 2013

The Car Talk Art Gallery is open. (Please note: You must provide your own wine and cheese.)

Let's discuss the artistic merits (or lack thereof) of this ride from Our Fair City--nominated no fewer than three times for our World's Ugliest Car contest. But as hundreds of you reminded us, Ugly Is in the Eye of the Beholder!

Our own Catherine "Frau Blucher" Fenellosa was the first to leap to its defense: "My kids love this one! It's really quite impressive in person." 

What do the critics say?

The artist's reworking of the alternately beloved and reviled 900 series Saab is a classic example of the burgeoning Neo-Automotive Renaissance scene. The heroism of the action figures juxtaposes sharply against the notorious mechanical unreliability of this model and the artist's decision to keep the windows clear prompts the viewer to question whether a car that cannot be driven is a car at all. The deliberate use of negative space on the driver's side front door highlights the lonlieness inherent to modern urban existence.

--Phyllis Steen, Staff Art Critic, Car Talk Plaza

Share your artistic commentary on this veritable chef-d'œuvre de voitures in the comments below.


Spotted on the streets of Our Fair City. (Photo by Ann Rowley)
Spotted on the streets of Our Fair City. (Photo by Ann Rowley)

Your turn. Do you agree with Catherine and the little "Frau Blucher" juniors? You tell us.  


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