Tom and Ray Help Out Cupid

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Staff Blog | Jan 24, 2012

Subject: You helped impress my date!

When we spotted this subject line in our in-box, we were sure it was a lame joke... until we read this cute note from Keely.

Mind you, Tom and Ray are not widely celebrated for their dating success -- just ask anyone who has had the dubious judgment to try out any of their automotive pick-up lines.

Glad the date was fun, Keely. Nothing personal, but we're guessing there won't be another. Why? Because of all those points you lost outing yourself as a fan of our lousy show. Live and learn.
Dear Tom and Ray,

My brother and I download your show on podcast and listen to it non-stop when we make the seven-hour drive home together for vacations.

Prior to listening to your show I knew NOTHING about cars. I was on a blind date last night playing trivia at a local pub. A car-related question was asked and I correctly answered "The alternator!!!" My date was awestruck that I, a blonde 26-year-old woman, knew more about cars than he did. I think I earned myself some serious R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Thanks guys!


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