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Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | May 01, 2007

Dear Tom and Ray:

I've always wanted an Aston Martin -- no kidding. And now, at age 72, my wife (who is younger) says it's OK for me to buy or lease one. BUT, I feel oh so guilty. To spend that kind of money on a toy -- albeit a sumptuous one -- seems, well, immoral (and the Vantage gets a measly 13 miles per gallon city). I currently drive an Acura TL, a very quick, very nice car. The lease is up soon. HELP! Should I accept my wife's offer -- or is she just testing me? ("How irresponsible of you. What am I going to do with that thing later?" In this context, "later" has a very dark meaning.) -- Michael

P.S.: I love your column and radio show. I used to write books with athletes, so I got to scrimmage with the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Lakers, and to hit against Bob Gibson. Also, in an abortive relationship for a book about racing, I got to register the slowest elapsed time ever recorded at Indy. A "blistering" 55.365 mph. How slow is that? So slow that the car started to slide down the side of the banked north turn.

TOM: Michael, go for it. Get your Aston Martin.

RAY: I agree. You sound like a reasonable guy, and you're not going to be a danger to anyone on the road.

TOM: You've always wanted one. What are you waiting for?

RAY: If your conscience really is bothered by the gasoline consumption, just drive less. If you drive 10 miles in your Acura, you'll probably use the same amount of fuel that driving five miles in your Aston Martin would use. And you'll probably enjoy those five miles in the Aston much more.

TOM: And if your wife is just testing you, well, so what? You're 72. How much longer are you going to have to put up with the ramifications of failing the test? Not long! So now's the time, Michael. Send us a picture of you in the Aston, with the wind blowing through your bald spot.

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