Tips from the Nation's Icebox

Tips from the Nation's Icebox

Okay, so winter's here.

But it could be worse. You could be Marvin Pearson, living in International Falls, Minnesota...where, at any given moment, there's a good chance it's about 40 degrees colder than where you are.

What, we wondered, is winter driving like in the town Rocky and Bullwinkle dubbed "Frostbite Falls"? We decided to dial up Marv and find out. We were not disappointed!

Plus, we discovered some really interesting winter driving tips -- honed by Marvin and his ilk, but absolutely useful for the rest of us.

Here they are -- and here's hoping they save you from a long night curled up next to a snowbank,

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

P.S. One tip you don't need to try? Building a fire under your car's crankcase to thin the oil out in the morning!

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